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Suite of the week: Bentley Suite, St. Regis Istanbul, Turkey

Suite name: Bentley Suite Location: St. Regis Istanbul, Turkey Size of accommodation: 140 sq metres plus over-sized terrace Cost per night: starts from €5,050.00 What makes it special: The Bentley Suite brings unique luxury motoring indoors, in a prime location, overlooking Istanbul’s answer to Fifth Avenue. Bentley Suite St. Regis Istanbul You don’t need to be a Bentley owner, or a motoring fan to enjoy the sensuous curves and craftsmanship of the Bentley Suite, St. Regis Istanbul. Hand-crafted features have been lovingly made by Bentley Motors in Crewe to ensure a truly authentic experience in the curvaceous Bentley Suite, in the intriguing city of Istanbul. This is Europe’s first Bentley Suite following the success of the Bentley Suite in the St. Regis New York. Part of Bentley Motors’ continued collaboration with St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, the suite is inspired by the Continental range of grand tourers. St. Regis Istanbul Night Views The Bentley Suite is designed for lovers of unparalleled luxury, and it affords breathtaking views of the city and the Bosphorus Strait. Craftsmanship is blended with contemporary design. A number of Bentley bespoke details can be enjoyed throughout. Colours are inspired by the Bosphorus using a Bentley palette. Bentley Suite St. Regis Istanbul Bespoke Touches The entrance foyer has mirrored ceilings that reflect the marble floor, which is inset with a design inspired by a Continental wheel. Bentley Suite St. Regis Istanbul Living Room The living room has a bespoke built in curved sofa, crafted from Bentley hide, with signature Bentley diamond upholstery. The sofa is perfectly completed with two Mulsanne bottle coolers, which hold Bentley Lalique champagne flutes, and champagne. Bentley Suite Champagne Cooler St. Regis Istanbul Lounge around on this sumptuous sofa, drinking champagne. Play a game of backgammon on the beautiful Bentley custom made backgammon set, which has been crafted from Porpoise and Linen hide with Birds Eye maple veneer. Bentley Suite backgammon set St. Regis Istanbul The contemporary wet bar houses a state-of-the-art Naim sound system, and three Breitling Clocks, which display the time in Istanbul, London and New York. Bentley Suite Istanbul Wet Bar You can enjoy lovely vistas from the suite, which are maximised by the floor to ceiling windows, or else you can step out onto the oversized terrace to take in the panoramic views of some of Istanbul’s iconic sights. Look back inside the suite, to the captivating light installation, which is inspired by the sinuous curves of the Nürburgring Racetrack and the Continental’s jewelled headlights. Bentley Suite light installation The large bed in the generously sized open plan bedroom is backed by a customised Portland Bentley hide curved headboard. The bed is framed beneath, by a matrix grille inspired carpet, which lies on top of the beautiful marble floor, that runs throughout the room. A rising and rotating TV screen is housed in the bed base, surrounded by a burgundy hide and bright engine spin. Bentley Suite St. Regis Istanbul Bedroom The marble flooring continues into the bathroom, where you can relax in a large bath tub. Jewels can be stored in a Bentley wood shop jewellery box, in Tamo Ash and a linen hide interior. Carbon fibre wallpaper is a feature of the separate wash room, and the dry vanity area has Bentley fragrance and is dressed with knurling detail accessories. Smoked glass sliding doors connect the bathroom to the bedroom. Bentley Suite St. Regis Istanbul Bathroom Christophe Georges, Director of Product and Marketing, commented: “The new Bentley suite at The St. Regis Istanbul marks the next phase of the partnership between Bentley and St. Regis Hotels & Resorts. The emergence of Turkey as a modern luxury destination affords Bentley the opportunity to bring our signature style and contemporary design to a new and discerning audience of travellers who want to experience the soul and sophistication of a gateway city in an environment of exceptional materials and finishes.” The Bentley Suite is full of thoughtful touches, and superb craftsmanship. It is the perfect place to stay in this intriguing city that triggers all of the senses.

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  1. I’ve been to Istanbul, but I’ve never seen any suites designed like this. It’s unique and amazing.

  2. Hi Lissa,
    I loved Istanbul, although I would very much like to go back on a longer trip. The feature article about the city goes live on Saturday here. Do check it out and comment, if you have time.

    The suite is amazing. The intricate details and amazing quality and craftsmanship are sublime.

  3. Interesting that they’ve chosen Turkey as their first location in Europe. What’s the connection between Bentley and Turkey? Is it a key market for them?

  4. Well that is certainly a wonderful way to enjoy a bustling and vibrant city like Istanbul. Almost a shame to go outside, but when you have a full day of discoveries, this is definitely a wonderful escape from the bustle.

  5. Seriously cool – I like the shapes, it has something of a marine/yacht look to it. Very swanky indeed – I’m not sure I’d want to sit down for fear of making it less perfect!

  6. Insanely gorgeous! Do they pick me up in a Bentley from the airport?
    I really love the bed!

    They really seem to have thought of every facet.
    Is that the shower at the end of the bathroom?
    Also, I take it there’s only one in the hotel?

  7. Hi Adi
    Thanks for your comment and question. Keep an eye out for the next article from the trip, which I believe should go live here on Saturday. It was my first time in Istanbul, and I can understand why you are asking about the choice of Istanbul as a destination, from Bentley’s perspective.

    As far as I understand it, it is simply as Christophe Georges, Director of Product and Marketing, commented: “The emergence of Turkey as a modern luxury destination affords Bentley the opportunity to bring our signature style and contemporary design to a new and discerning audience of travellers who want to experience the soul and sophistication of a gateway city in an environment of exceptional materials and finishes.”

    The boat trip that you will see mentioned in the next post, did include a lovely stop off to Bentley in Istanbul. They are located on the edge of the Bosphorus.


  8. Noel, I loved what I saw of Istanbul and yes it was the perfect way to enjoy the city. The St. Regis was superb, the suite amazing and the guide that took us around, was excellent. More about that in the next post!

  9. Absolutely Anna! Seriously cool and even cooler actually! :) I actually had a huge issue with my flight connection, cutting a very long story short, I had to run in Heathrow to make the flight connection. When I arrived to the boarding gate, they said I was no longer on the flight. What?? Anyhow it was sorted, but I asked about my luggage before getting on the plane. I was assured it was ok. I arrived to Istanbul, and guess what…no luggage. Can you imagine how I felt entering the sumptuous suite after a day of travelling, and the issues I had encountered, with no fresh clothes for the evening? :) Anyhow, everyone involved was so charming, that I soon forgot!

  10. If I was staying, I don’t think I’d know which way to turn – the panoramic views of the city outside or the wonderful design touches of the interior. A sofa with built-in bottle coolers is a new one on me also!

  11. Yes Kerwin, it is insanely gorgeous. :) For now there aren’t pick ups in a Bentley, it could happen in the future however, but nothing definite for the moment. That is the rainforest shower, and yes it is the only Bentley Suite in the St. Regis Istanbul.

  12. You’re right Kathryn, it would make a lovely surprise for anyone. Not sure if you’ve been to Istanbul before, but the other post from this trip will go live tomorrow, so if you haven’t been that will give you a small taste of Istanbul.

  13. Spot on Paul! That is exactly the impact of being in the Bentley Suite in such a superb location had on me also. The design touches are just fabulous.

  14. Wow what an excellent blog on Instanbul…….we didnt get the chance to see has much as you but do agree with what you said about it does make you want to see and explore more xxxx

  15. Thanks so much Karen! I really appreciate the comment. I guess maybe you need to go back to Istanbul and perhaps splash out on a night in the Bentley Suite. xxx

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