Where to find a luxury stay in Hua Hin

Great beaches. Shallow depths. Nice weather. Enough said why Hua Hin is one of the best family destinations in Thailand. Located on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand with only 3 hours from Bangkok, I would not say I expect to see the peaceful beaches in the city. But Hua Hin does have a lot of surprises, great peaceful beaches, the old world charm, amazing golf courses, not to mention seaside resorts that offer the sedate holiday style one could ask for.

1_great beaches

With stunning 5 km beach, the ideal getaway hides in the south of Hua Hin in an area called ‘Khao Tao’. The area is just perfect for those who love to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, overseeing the splendid view through the balcony of plenty gorgeous seaside resorts. Sai Noi beach is a secluded small beach with shade of pine trees and nothing but the sound of the sea waves.

2_stunning beach


Khao Tao is always a favourite place to stay for those who appreciate the old charm and the real sense of nature that rejuvenates their souls. As the area offers a laid back and friendly seaside atmosphere with only few minutes’ drive to Hua Hin town, Khao Tao is pretty much a perfect choice for a private and luxury stay. Numbers of luxury seaside resorts at Khao Tao are highly popular for its decent rate and beautiful surroundings. Accommodations vary from hotel to vacation homes. Hua Hin visitors can choose to stay in different style from Mediterranean to Mexican Caribbean resorts, all with landscaped environment among lush tropical gardens.


5_Uncrowded beach

Yet, people in Khao Tao always appreciate the uncrowded beach that offers the feelings of luxury. It is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful holiday in Hua Hin. You may also find Suan Son Pradipat on Khao Takiab beach located further south attractive for picnicking and that is almost about everything you should look for on your holidays.

Salinthip Niyommalai is Senior Marketing Manager at Rental for the Holidays.

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Comments (3)

  1. George says:

    The only part of Hua Hin’s endless beach where one will find a higher concentration of sun seekers is really in the centre where The Hilton Hotel and Centara Grand beach Resort is located.

    Only 1 or 2 km south from here toward Takiab and especially to the north where hotels like The Sheraton is located it sees much fewer people and you can often take an evening stroll without passing another soul.

    However, I have to agree, the most intimate beach with a laid back tropical charm and whitest sand is indeed found in the Khao Tao area. Note that Soi Noi Beach in Khao Tao now has a beach club with beachfront pools and eateries.

  2. Piers says:

    I think that the opening of this piece sums it all up, “Great beaches. Shallow depths. Nice weather.” Though I would also add great food and friendly people to the list of Hua Hind charms. One of my favourite chillax places in Thailand.

  3. Mika Robinson says:

    Ah, Hua Hin. I’ve been here a couple of time and loved it every time. Altho, we’ve stayed at a different area closer to Hua Hin City, it was still a beachfront, quiet resort with amazing amenities. I know Khao Tao is a more remote area, or should I say quieter area, which is perfect for many couples. I like my city comforts, so I always choose a place that is not in the city, but close to it, so I can enjoy during the day and have a peaceful night’s sleep far from the city bustle.

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