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4 alternative Greek islands to soak up some luxury

Sometimes, the best things in life can be a bit of a double-edged sword. The Greek islands are certainly some of the most beautiful islands in the Med; but they’re also hugely popular with tourists all year round. So if you’re after Greece’s best kept secrets, here are 4 alternative islands which may be of interest for your next visit. Paros, not Santorini Santorini is, without question, the most popular island in Greece. It’s a travellers’ favourite and the biggest tourism hotspot in the country. It’s famed for its incredible sea views, the traditional white-washed buildings, mind-blowing sunsets, great food and great local wines. But did you know that nearby Paros has just as much to offer? The island has a much sleepier energy to Santorini but nightlife is still pretty lively. The beaches, such as Kolimbithries and Parosporos, are much less crowded and are suitable for everything from bathing to water sports. And you’ll find the quaint fishing village of Naoussa and the port town of Parakia to be utterly charming. It’s a fantastic luxury experience with much smaller crowds. Paros not Santorini Naxos, not Mykonos Naxos is the perfect party alternative to neighbouring Mykonos and at four times the size, it has a much more varied natural landscape. Mykonos may be a magnet to rich and famous (and has been for many years) but Naxos is the undiscovered older sister with plenty of things to do, both night and day. Nightlife here is sophisticated and very much just as glam even though the vibe is slightly more relaxed. The best spot to wine and dine is Chora and top bars include One The Rocks for a party atmosphere, Escoba for all night dancing, and Island Bar for luxury cocktails. Naxos Not Mykonos Kefalonia, not Corfu Everyone’s been to or heard of Corfu; but Kefalonia isn’t quite as popular, although just as fantastic. As Greece travel expert Matt Barrett once said, it’s “the type of island which grows on you”. You won’t get the white washed villages or the 18th and 19th Century architecture of Corfu, but you will be blown away by the island’s unique charm. If you’ve explored Corfu plenty of times before, Kefalonia is the perfect alternative; visit all the small towns and villages such as Fiskardo, Poros, Sami and Argostoli, and be sure to wind down on the island’s untouched beaches. The long, quiet stretches of sand will be a breath of fresh air compared to other more popular destinations in Greece. Kefalonia not Corfu Samos, not Lesvos If you’re looking for a holiday destination in the North Aegean Islands, Lesvos is a popular choice – but it’s not the only one you should consider. Some travellers have cited Lesvos as the “real Greece experience” as it hasn’t buckled to the pressure of tourism like many other large islands. Neighbouring Samos is very much the same, and if you’re a fan of unblemished nature, this is the place to be. Made up of 30 villages and endless stretches of beaches and lush green valleys, Samos is an absolute outdoor gem and it offers superb private villas for luxury seekers. Its proximity to Turkey also gives the island a very unique mix of cultures and you can hop on a boat for a day trip to the Turkish coast in less than 2 hours. Samos Not Lesvos Christos Hajipapas is Head of Business Development & Strategy at Cyplon Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. After spending all summer in Greece for work, I have just got back to the UK until after Christmas. Loved reading this post and checking out the pictures – I’m really looking forward to get back to Mykonos!

  2. Thanks for the timely post. I had been planning to travel to Mykonos before running across this post. Now I’m looking into Naxos and it looks much better! Thanks so much!

  3. Love this article. Brings back happy memories of Paros which I loved. Definitely going to take your advice next summer… Thank you!

  4. Brilliant Blog. This is definitely on our list. We intend to go one day. Maldives, too. Thank you for your informative blog.

  5. You are definitely right!! Everyone talks about the most popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini! These options and especially (in my personal opinion) Naxos are more than great! For sure Mykonos and Santorini are special but there are other islands in the Aegean which are full of promises!! Naxos surprised me in a great way. This beach Plaka in Agia Anna is wonderful and the naxian dishes too!

  6. You’re spot on about Lesvos and Samos where the unmarketed real Greece is. We love traveling to places like that are unspotted secret destinations. We look to visit the other beautiful areas you’ve mentioned. Thanks!

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