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6 of the best luxury Winter destinations in Greece

Who said that Greece is a summer destination only? This Mediterranean country is home to some awesome mountains, ski resorts, luxurious chalets and great comfort food, making it a top holiday spot all year long. The fact that most of these resorts are a few hours drive from the capital, Athens, just makes these winter dreams easier to come true. So, what are the best luxury winter spots in Greece? 1. Parnassos Parnassos is a magnificent mountain and ski resort just 2 hours away from Athens. Its proximity to the city, its lush nature, the ancient ruins of Delphi and some amazing local food and cheese have made its adjacent town, Arachova, the winter equivalent of Mykonos. Luxury accommodation and fine dining makes the area even more inviting for la creme de la creme of Athens and while prices sky rocket during winter, nothing stops travelers from flocking in the area even until early April, when snow starts to melt away… 2. Arcadia The lush mountains of Arcadia, a ski resort and an ideal for rafting river are the top reasons why people from Athens and all over the Peloponnese love this area during winter. The other reasons are its long history that dates back to legends’ era, unforgettable winter food and some of Greece’s most romantic and cozy chalets, which attract travellers from all over the world. With so much to do, learn, see and taste, the traditional villages around the mountains of Arcadia make for unforgettable Winter destinations. 3. Kastoria The second reason why Kastoria is a great destination all year long is its stunning nature, which can only be topped by its breathtaking lake capital of the same name. The first reason will be its location: remotely situated far away from both Greek cities, up in the borders with Albania, Kastoria features some amazing winters, with a frozen scenery that will make your heart skip a beat. Its river, Aliakmonas, is perfect for rafting, its two mountains are ideal for traditional village hopping, while the capital’s old town district, Dolco, is home to some great architecture and the best local food restaurants of the area. And if you’re lucky, the lake will be frozen, adding to the magnificent experience. 4. Korinthia Korinthia entered the winter destination group just a few years ago, when some luxurious chalets were built in the surrounding mountains, with a view that will stay in your dreams for months to come. With them came some luxurious but not overpriced traditional taverns and fine dining restaurants, as well as romantic routes in the forests, leading to eerie lakes and dreamy scenery. Korinthia’s proximity to Athens (less than 2 hours drive) makes it perfect for weekend getaways, while its altitude welcomes snow and freezing temperatures even when it’s still warm in Athens. 5. Zagorochoria You can’t get it wrong in Zagorochoria. It’s impossible to choose a village for your accommodation that’s not amazingly beautiful. It’s not probable to stay in a hotel that’s not to your liking. You can’t possibly visit a tavern with bad or mediocre food. Everything is perfect up there. Though the most stunning and remote villages are Big and Small Papigo, the surrounding area is so out of this world, that wherever you stay, you’ll love it. Top 3 things to do? Rafting in Voidomatis river, trekking in Vikos gorge (the largest in Europe) and horse riding by the river, hearing nothing but the calming sounds of nature. Zagorochoria is 5 hours drive from Athens, making the experience even more unique. It’s possible it’d be just you and your friend(s) there… 6. Tzoumerka Close to Zagorochoria, but hard to get to, stands Tzoumerka, a number of traditional villages surrounded by mountains, canyons and steep rocks. Old monasteries and ruined bridges will take you on a journey back in time, while Arachthos river adds up to the stunning beauty of the scenery, also offering rafting experiences deep in the heart of the area’s nature. Some of the most luxurious hotels of Greece have been recently built here, making the traveller’s stay a dream to remember.

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  1. Very nice post. Thank you for your preference in Parnassos. We also like the other places you mentioned.

    Hope you make a trip in Parnassos, Delphi and Arachova in order to taste in your own eyes the ancient spirit.

  2. Reading this was quite an education for me. I had never thought of Greece as a winter destination. It was only when some friends mentioned what a brilliant time they had last winter that I started doing some online research and came across your piece which makes for a very informative read. I just didn’t know that Greece gets that much snow. I like the idea of Korinthia particularly as it is within 2 hours drive of Athens. It must have been over 20 years ago that I went round the Athens sights in July and got heat stroke, it’s time to see them again but in more bearable temperatures. This would make for a great 2 centre holiday.

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