6 superb ways to become a more stylish, healthy traveller

Even the most seasoned traveller can lose precious holiday time because of jet lag, a dodgy belly, diarrhoea, hangovers or sleepless nights. No matter how beautiful your wardrobe is and how luxurious your hotel, these little holiday monsters don’t make you feel, or at times, look very stylish. For those of us who need to travel for business, the situation can be even worse. That quick turnaround after a long haul flight, from weary traveller into dynamic business person, can be challenging, to say the least. There’s nothing stylish or charismatic about feeling the need to rush suddenly to the toilet, or being so low in energy that you feel you need matchsticks to keep your eyes open. Girl on beach with laptop So whether you’re travelling to a critical business meeting, or heading off to foreign climes to have the time of your life, travelling in style, but also in good health, should ideally go hand-in-hand. Don’t worry… these six superb ways – from Mother Brown’s Remedy – to become a more stylish, healthy traveller will allow you to party with the best of them, but still come out the other end feeling ready for more! 1. Work hard, play hard, feel great – Fashion Flu Remember those days of unsexy sniffles, blocked nose and sore throat – with Fashion Flu they’re a thing of the past. You can work hard and play hard, but still feel great. Fashion Flu is the perfect, fast acting herbal supplement for busy bees like you, who are flying around all day long, and when darkness descends, you love to party hard. Fashion Flu This herbal supplement has a natural liquorice base, making you shine inside and out, and working against a runny nose, nasal congestion and minor sore throats. 2. No more bloating or constipation – A Number Two Between air travel, aeroplane food and the excesses of gourmet food and drink, that are hard to resist when travelling, the chances of bloating and constipation are far higher. A Number 2, the counterpart of Turista Belly, is another super natural herbal supplement, which contains both Aloe Vera and Senna plants. These are traditional cures, that help prevent occasional bloating and constipation. A Number 2 3. Say goodbye to travellers’ tummy – Turista Belly Naturally enough you don’t want to miss out on a festive and gourmand lifestyle when abroad, but neither do you want to take the risk of Travellers’ Tummy, which can play havoc with your trip. Don’t travel without this little marvel – Turista Belly. Turista Belly Turista Belly is a natural herbal remedy, packed with friendly bacteria. In fact it has around 4 billion Bacillus Clausii spore, which support your intestinal microflora, and also help to firm up loose stools. 4. And for romance in foreign climes – don’t be caught without – Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb will help please you and your partner all night long. Do Not Disturb are three natural rubber latex condoms, for maximum enjoyment, while remembering that safe sex is best. Do Not Disturb 5. Enjoy excesses to the max without suffering – Mourning Glory What goes on tour, stays on tour! Excesses of the culinary and cocktail variety are an integral travel temptation, when on holiday or doing business overseas. Fine wines and delicious gourmet food, can be polished off nicely with a night on the tiles, dancing till you drop at a stylish nightclub. Mourning Glory What seems like a great idea the night before, can be a total nightmare the next morning, even more so when you have an important meeting on your agenda. Mourning Glory is a miraculous little concoction, which contains Milk Thistle, that will ease those disagreeable morning after feelings, such as a throbbing headache and tummy upset. Enjoy yourself without the payback the next morning. 6. Make jet lag and sleeplessness a thing of the past – A Siesta Sleeplessness and jet lag can really get in the way of productivity, and having fun. A Siesta is a vegetable extracted melatonin supplement, which eases jet lag and sleeplessness. It is a snooze inducing wonder, which will help you get right back on track, without having to count thousands of sheep. A Siesta Remember that Mother Brown knows best! All of these superb ways to help you become a more stylish, healthy traveller come from Mother Brown’s Remedy Kit. Mother Brown’s Remedy Kit is the ultimate companion for any stylish, savvy traveller. These handy, hand-picked natural remedies help you enjoy your trip to the max, while travelling in style and good health. They are ancient remedies for the modern traveller. All of these 100% natural ingredients come from sustainable farming Italian cooperatives. They are untainted, uncoloured and unflavoured, and are packed into travel sized recycled cardboard boxes, perfect for your on-the-go travel lifestyle. Unlike pharmaceutical options, these remedies are based on wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. You can check out these ethical, healthy travel remedies at the Mother Brown’s Remedy website. Also over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can be in with the chance to win your own remedy kit by using the following hashtags: #MOTHERBROWN #NATURENOW Image #1: Shutterstock Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mother Brown’s Remedy.

Paul Johnson

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