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Extend your Summer – 6 great places to go in September

You could say September is the best time of year to go on holiday. And you’d be right. With a few exceptions, the shoulder season offers the perfect balance between reasonable prices and reasonable weather. The Summer crowds clear as schools return, the weather in the UK starts to turn and nights start to draw in. Everyone’s dragged down by back-to-school, back-to-work drudgery; it’s the perfect time to cheer yourself up with a few days away in sunnier climes. We’ve pulled together 6 of our favourite places to visit in September, ranging from action-packed city breaks to relaxing beach escapes. This year, buck the trend and embark on a Summer-extending adventure… 1. Greece The hordes of holidaymakers are gone, but the Mediterranean beaches remain warm and sun-drenched. Even better, restaurants and hotels start to drop their prices. There’s enough going on to keep the lively Summer atmosphere going, but it won’t be crowded; the best of both worlds. Santorini 2. Koh Samui You’ll have the cotton-wool sand, periwinkle skies and azure waters to yourself; the beaches are suddenly deserted as Summer visitors evaporate. Rainy season starts in October – there’s a wide enough safety margin to avoid this, making September one of the best months of the year to visit.  From yachting to yoga, there’s plenty to see, try, taste and buy. Take a Thai cookery course and learn how to expertly carve vegetables into intricate artworks, snorkel the awe-inspiring coral reefs or relax at one of Samui’s upscale spas. Koh Samui 3. New York A trip to New York in September is a lot more manageable than peak Summer since all the kids are back at school. The worst of the sticky Summer heat has passed, but the days are still pleasantly warm; perfect sightseeing conditions. The subway loses it’s sweaty-hot odour, yet it’s still ideal picnic-in-the-park weather. A bike ride round central park is a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon. Shopaholics – tie in your visit to coincide with the Labor day sales, when stores reduce Summer stock to rock-bottom prices (2nd – 5th September 2016). New York 4. Sri Lanka Choose a hotel on the east coast during September, avoiding the Yala Monsoon which can hit the west and southwest at this time of year.  As the island is situated close to the equator, temperatures are consistent year round, with daily averages of 26-30°C.  Roughly the same size as Ireland, Sri Lanka manages to cram an awful lot into a small space.  Discover 2000+ years of culture at it’s impressive 8 UNESCO world heritage sites; ancient temples, ruins and national parks are all worthy of exploration – not to mention the gorgeous sandy beaches that surround the island. Sri Lanka 5. Singapore September is (relatively speaking) one of the drier months of the year.  Situated in the tropics, rainfall is plentiful all year round but tends to come in short, sharp downpours that quickly clear.  A cocktail of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Western cultures, Singapore is way more than a handy stopover destination.  Browse the glitzy malls selling high-end fashion and futuristic gadgets, or explore the diverse street markets of Chinatown and Little India. Don’t miss Singapore’s UNESCO world heritage wonderland, the Singapore Botanical Gardens (one of the most famous ornamental gardens in the world), or embark on a wildlife adventure & explore the rainforest nature trails at MacRitichie Reservoir.  The F1 Grand Prix is on mid-month – so unless you’re a motorsport fan avoid this weekend as hotel rates will spike around the race! Singapore 6. Dubai The frazzling heat and stifling humidity begins to relent in September, making Dubai an attractive Summer-extending destination.  Travelling outside of school holidays, it’s easy to pick up an excellent deal on accommodation at this time of year. You’re more likely to be lucky with the weather the later in the month you go – otherwise, our recommendation is to laze by the hotel’s chilled pool taking regular dips to cool down, or take advantage of the fierce air conditioning at Ski Dubai’s indoor snow park. Dubai Have you had a great Summer-extending holiday abroad in the past? Share an anecdote in the comments below and tell us your #1 September destination… Spencer Groves is Commercial Director at letsgo2. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Dubai weather is brutal during the summer but there are some great deals to be had on hotels. To experience the best in luxury that Dubai has to offer means to go June – September and it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a great holiday at that time.

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