5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka - environment
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5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

From Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, many different excursions await the tourist. Our first choice for a trip down Slovenia’s memory lane was Skofja Loka, the 1000 year old town that lies snugly in the confluence of two rivers. Considered one of the most beautifully preserved medieval towns in Slovenia, Skofja Loka provided many superb experiences. 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka - environment Look at Loka Castle, a remnant from the past Skofja is as picturesque as one could wish for and has deserved the names of “Gallery in Nature”, or “Bishop’s Meadow”.  Loka Castle was once the seat of the bishopdom. 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, Loka castle The two Dei Cappuccini bridges across the Sora River are the welcoming rendezvous and photographic points in Skofja. From here the elevated Loka Castle immediately catches the visitor’s eye. The tree-lined walk uphill rewarded us with wonderful views of the countryside and the city profile of old Slovenian red-tiled homesteads below. We spent some time at the castle museum to view its selection of medieval crafts and paintings, archaeological and ethnological displays. It gives a full overview of the country’s history, art and culture. Weddings held at this picturesque castle on Saturdays would be a bonus! 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, shaded lane to Loka castle Saunter through an ancient city The Old City is mainly for pedestrians and opens a window on the Slovenian architecture and history of ages gone by. As we entered throught he Old Town Gate, and strolled leisurely along the main cobblestone thoroughfare, we came aross an ancient drinking fountain (1881) and the pillar altar ,”The Mark of Mary” (1751) erected by inhabitants as protection against plagues and fires in olden days. 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, decorative window Taste Slovenian delicatessen As it was a Saturday, we fortunately also came across a lively handicraft market with Slovenian handmade items and products. We bought some of the special Slovenian honey and cinnamon biscuits (carved designs in dough molds). In the centre of the old town, a massive old chestnut tree offered shade for pedestrians relaxing at the circular open-air coffee shop around its trunk. Mestni Trg  is the main ‘ lower’ square where we saw some old medieval homes, the town hall and a variety of old “vintage” and antique shops. 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, main street Feel the spiritual vibe of Skofja We ventured inside the St Jakob’s church with its Bell Tower, to get a glimpse of the ornate black marble altar, chandeliers and ceiling paintings. This is where the Slovenian Passion Play is performed by over 600 local inhabitants over Easter. I still clearly remember the clock striking twelve as we sat there; it contributed much to the almost sacred ambience we felt in the heart of the old town. 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, church interior Relax in the countryside around Skofja From the ‘upper’ square in Skofja, a small tourist train departs to the areas surrounding the town. Row upon row of cultivated vineyards, lush green forests and wide open fields paint a beautiful environment around the town. At the well-located meeting point for visitors, sits the Vinotheka Lontrg, a small wine tasting boutique for the recommended selection of Slovenian wines – the perfect ending to a good day of sightseeing in Skofja. 5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, vineyard environment Celine Renaud is Head of Sales for Leo Trippi. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Celine Renaud

Celine Renaud is Head of Sales for Leo Trippi – a European agency specialising in renting Catered Chalets, Summer Villas and Chartered Yachts. Celine’s areas of expertise include Courchevel, Val d’Isere, Megève, Méribel & Chamonix in France, Revelstoke in Canada, & St. Barth in the Caribbean.

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  1. Those are very good places to spend time with your loved ones. Sunshine and good weather is very intimating here. You gonna love the foods and people around you.

  2. Thank you for your comment Thomas. It sounds as if you talk from experience? And yes, the weather and the food and the people are all factors that greatly determine the quality of a touring holiday! Stay well and enjoy life!

  3. While I have never been to Slovakia it is a place that keeps cropping up on my radar. Something tells me a visit will pay dividends.

  4. Am travelling to Kransjka Gora, Slovenia soon for a short trip with family – ski-ing and husky sledding planned. Looks beautiful and really looking forward to it.

  5. >“ancient drinking fountain (1881)”
    1881 is “modern”, not “ancient” :)

    @Hugh, the article is about Slovenia, not Slovakia ;)

  6. Now that we’ve returned – it’s beautiful! Had a wonderful time in Kransjka Gora, Slovenia. Very accessible from the UK, lovely scenery and just managed to catch some snow. People very friendly and cannot do enough to help. Will definitely return – for longer next time!

  7. Looking for some new places to visit in 2020. We may have strayed into parts of Slovenia about 3 decades ago, when it was part of Czechoslovakia, but it was a very different world then once you were beyond the Iron Curtain and travel was quite difficult.

    It is definitely time that we updated those distant memories with a visit to the new country. From reading this I get the impression that Slovenia is still largely undiscovered and a peaceful haven from the ravages of modern tourism. Looking forward to a trip.

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