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7 of the best Amazon adventure experiences

The Amazon: Immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime…the place considered the lungs of the globe, the house of millions of trees, a placed filled with incredible plant and animal diversity, and divided by many rivers, including the world-renowned Amazon River. We picked the best tour activities to make sure you can fully enjoy everything this amazing ecological sanctuary has to offer. 1. River tours The river is the road of the Amazon. It is the principal way of transportation, so wherever you may want to visit, a boat will be needed. Lucky for you, its also an excellent way to see incredible sights. River boat tours can bring you to the coolest, hidden areas deep inside the forest and glide you through places you’ve never imagined. Surrounded by trees that form a natural tunnel, the waters are shallow providing scenes perfect for a movie. On these majestic tours, it is possible to discover deserted beaches of white sandy areas, hidden among giant trees and visit communities of local people and indigenous communities. You may also find surprises on the river paths like unexpected flocks of birds that appear inside the trees in numbers that cannot be counted or spot gators, snakes, or pink dolphin following the boats as if they were guiding the way. The scenery is indescribable and unforgettable. amazon river tour 2. Visit a tribe On the banks of the Negro River, a couple hours from Manaus city, you will find the Tuyos tribe, one of the many tribes in the Amazon. The indigenous community receives tourists as a source of income and as a way to share their culture. The tribe performs typical dance rituals where the natives invite visitors to join and dance alongside the tribe. Leaders share their tribal history, culture, and way of life in the forest, which includes hunting, fishing and planting. They may share information such as how the members of tribe learns many languages in order to communicate with other tribes and find spouses in order to form new families. The visit is very interesting. It is an opportunity to have a little contact with the native Amazonians, to talk to them and learn a little more of their life in many different ways. You can dance together with the tribe, sing and taste some food prepared by the people of the tribe, the Native delicatessen. MBF_9587_460x385 3. Pink dolphins One of the best feelings in Amazonian tours is to swim with the pink dolphins. We all love the dolphins, but in the Amazon they are pink, and there is no other place in the world that you can have this experience. This is the only place in the world that you can swim with a pink dolphin in their own natural habitat, the rivers. The dolphins love to show up to eat the fish offered by the local guides. During this tour, while floating in the river in a circle, the guide calls attention to the pink dolphins with fish and they appear suddenly in the middle of the group. This interaction of the locals with the pink dolphins has not always existed. At one time, the local population feared the dolphins. It was once believed by the tribes that the dolphin visited the villages on the full moon and impregnated virgin women. Today, tourists from all over the world delight in the playfulness of these merry animals. amazon-pink-dolphin 4. Visit Caboclo House In a motorized canoe, you will travel through the small rivers inside the Amazon towards the houses of a population that lives on the banks of the Rio Negro. The Caboclos are an Amazonian population (not Amazonian Indians) who live inside the forest on the river’s edge. These families need to move their home’s twice a year depending on the river’s water level. The level of the water can rise between 15 to 18 meters (45 to 50 feet), completely changing the area where they live and flooding many parts of the Amazon. Visiting these families you can learn how to transform yucca roots into flour and make delicious, fresh tapioca. They will share their culture with you, sharing other things such as nuts picked from the Amazon trees and the process of how they extract latex from the trees. amazon caboclo house 5. Climb trees This is an incredible experience. If you have a chance to climb a really tall tree in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, I bet you will never forget it. Imagine yourself up there, observing the Amazon with the highest soaring of birds, it can’t get much better than that. For the ones that love adventure, this is a thrilling, get close with nature kind of tour. Imagine it, you are in a region with more than 80,000 plant species, half of which play a critical role in regulating the global climate. The trees that you see here make an enormous impact on the weather all over the earth. Not enough? You can take this once-in-a-lifetime adventure even further. The tour offers the opportunity to sleep at the top of the trees (all equipment is provided)! amazon climb trees 6. Presidente Figueiredo caves and waterfalls Leave the city of Manaus and travel about 67 miles (112 km) to reach the region of waterfalls and caves. President Figueiredo is an awesome Amazonian region where you can explore the best of caves and immerse yourself amid waterfalls. The region offers more than 150 waterfalls (some not yet cataloged) and 9 caves.This is a full day experience that includes hiking, which also means spectacular sights, and a haven for photography and video junkies. This is a special place to be with the ones that you love. Do not miss the chance to get romantic pictures behind the waterfalls and at the entrance of the caves. The local guide will share folktales and stories about the ancestral people that inhabited the area. amazon cave 7. Jungle survival tour Have you ever imagined spending the night in the middle of the Amazon rainforest? One of the most interesting adventure tours is the opportunity to spend a few days and nights in the forest. Specialized local guides take you for an adventure hiking through the jungle and teaching you about everything you need to know to survive using only what the jungle provides for you. You will learn about the plants and animals, teaching you what you can and can’t eat, how to protect yourself from the dangers of the jungle. You will build a place to sleep and find your own food. This tours also offers a canoe ride through the creeks, fishing piranha, and a night expedition to see alligators. jungle survavel tour Luiz Alegre Silva is the Founder at See You in Brazil. 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  1. I have to say, I didn’t know about the pink dolphins!!!! That has to be some sight in the midst of a river!!! How big is a fully grown adult dolphin in the Amazon?

  2. Yes, the pink dolphins, are a surprise. I think David Attenborough did something on them a good few years ago.

  3. What an incredible experience! I always want to plan a trip there! Can I ask where did you stay i.e do you have the recommendation and how long did you stay? do you think 2 weeks is enough?

  4. I think the Jungle Survival day would be a very beneficial experience. Far too many of us in the modern world live very soft, easy, cosseted and pampered existences. Having to survive out in the jungle would be a reminder of how our ancestors lived. It is also a wake-up call to show us that with knowledge and resilience mankind has the potential to survive in even the toughest of environments. You never know when we might need those skills. Who knows a post-apocalyptic world may be just around the corner?

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