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Top 8 things to do in Jaipur, India

Few people are aware of a city which is quintessentially Indian, Jaipur. The capital and the largest city of the state of Rajasthan, it’s also known as the Pink City of India, and it offers visitors a wealth of architectural, cultural and foodie delights. Jaipur earned its moniker the “Pink City” because it was built, literally, on the bedrock of pink sandstone which changes shade depending on the sun’s position in the sky. There are innumerable ways to familiarise yourself with this wonderful city. Options abound. 1 Sam in Jaipur 1. The Pink City Jaipur certainly is pink.  Even the unforgiving midday sun casts a rich red hue as it heats the stone. Not surprisingly, the city takes on a stunning beauty at sunrise and sunset. It’s at this time of day that you should give yourself over to navigating the streets, experiencing the history, while weaving past the inhabitants, the rickshaws and tuk tuks, the motorbikes (Bajaj bikes most likely), the sacred cows, the not-so-sacred pigs and the occasional monkey. Palace of winds 2. The Palace of the Winds The Hawa Mahal is an architectural marvel, a fanciful blend of red sandstone shaped like a honeycomb pyramid. Intricately decorated, each window “jharokha” ornamented with elaborate latticework. The high screen wall was created so that ladies of the court could observe street festivals and yet remain unseen by the revellers. Palace 3. Indulge in the city palace  Not so much a palace as a series of magnificent residences, the city palace has a history dating back to 1729. It comprises of the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal palaces which incorporate courtyards, gardens and other buildings. I particularly enjoyed the Armoury, marvelling in every detail of the ceremonial weapons’ craftsmanship, as well as the Mubarak Mahal, the ‘Auspicious Palace’, which is an unsurpassed fusion of the Islamic, Rajput and European architectural styles. Dinner with Royals 4. Dinner with members of the royal family Experience Travel Group can arrange a dinner with descendents of a royal family for you. The Sai Niwas prepare a splendid meal for guests to enjoy and there’s even a cooking lesson beforehand, so you can learn how to create traditional family cuisine yourself. Enjoy mouth-watering food while all the while discussing the city’s rich history and the vagaries of modern life. Walking around jaipur 5. Relax on a heritage walk Explore Jaipur’s old town with an expert local guide and discover delicious street food, beautiful craft shops and antique stores. It’s an illuminating chance to experience the way of life in this bustling city and get a better understand of how its history has shaped the culture today. Jaipur st alberts hall 6. Exploring the history of Jaipur The Albert Hall was built, unsurprisingly, during colonial times. It is an impressive example of colonial architecture, fusing European, Indian and Islamic styles into one. Within its elaborate walls you’ll find the story of the city. Sunrise through Jaipur 7. Sunrise in Jaipur A morning cycle is a great way to experience a city. It allows for an unmatched perspective, just as the city and its inhabitants awake. We stopped off at street food stalls regularly, whether for a refreshing lassi or sweet chai with the locals, or a tactical break at a tiny bakery for sweet treats and an energy boost. We also visited a lively and colourful market with a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna; it was a fantastic, immersive experience. Jaipurs Hill Forts 8. The indomitable hill forts Joined by a local guide, you can journey out to rural hill forts near Jaipur. Travelling from village to village, you’ll visit beautiful Hindu temples along the way as well as meet Rajasthani farmers and hear of their lives. I met one who was worried that a leopard someone had supposedly spotted could endanger his oxen! Finish up at Kuntil Garh Fort, a property frozen in time with beautiful views of the countless forts that characterise Rajasthan. Sam Clark is CEO at Experience Travel Group. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Agree with most of your points, a few other things that are worth a mention:
    – Literature festival
    – Bike around Jaipur
    – Cool off at the Snowplanet
    – Dinner at Padao which has some incredible views of Jaipur
    – Johari Bazar

  2. Rightly said Sam!

    I think you forgot to mention adventure activities like Balloon safari, Elephant ride, camel safari and jeep safari that are quite popular in Jaipur.

    Keep Writing!

  3. If you make the effort to go to Jaipur, it’s worth heading further west to Jodhpur and into the Thar Desert to Jaisalmer. Much less hectic than Jaipur, with beautifully preserved living forts, both truly magical places.

  4. There are still many activities missing in this:
    Jaipur is known for block printing – experience can be taken at Bagru village,
    Visit to NGO like Ladli – working for young girls and women to make them independent.
    Experience of Bollywood movie at one of Asia’s largest movie hall – Rajmandir Movie hall.
    Shopping walk – in which guest are taken to shops on Johari Bazar where they get Local stuff what Indian people wear.
    Visit to Turban Museum – inside Surabhi Restaurent where you can have typical Rajasthani Thali (Big plate with many bowls having different and local vegetables + Lal Maas (Goat meat – of Red chilies) which you can ask them to make as per you desire.
    Cuisine Tour: where you are taken to various sweet shops of Jaipur and shown the various sweets, locally people have (you can also try the same). And it’s wnds with the shopping of vegetables + non veg with the lady and then taken to her house for cooking lessons and Dinner.

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