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Top 5 sky high activities in Meribel

The French Alps are a wonderous place. Not only are the incredible mountains a gift to behold but the skies above are a playground for the experienced and the brave. Here are our top five sky high activities in Meribel.

Scenic helicopter rides

Sightseeing and Tourist flights are available from a variety of operators in Meribel and if you’re looking for something exhilarating then why not get yourself strapped in for a ride with panoramic views of theThree Valleys and the Alps.


This can be booked all year round making it a must for a visit to Meribel regardless of the time of year. Many helicopter operators will include lunch in the cost, so it’s always worth checking beforehand. If you have children with you under the age of two they will travel for free but must sit on an adult’s lap during the flight.


Explore the Meribel backcountry with professional heliskiers and boarders with 32 drop zones within the Three Valley region with a maximum of six drops per day.


Heli-skiing or heliboarding is the ultimate experience for every serious skier and snowboarder. Heli-skiing/boarding used to be restricted to experienced snow users, but now with the introduction of fat skis, new technology and equipment, almost everyone can have a go. Even an intermediate skier can enjoy effortless powder turns through untracked fresh snow that can last for miles over thousands of metres of vertical drop. Sheer bliss!

Hot air ballooning

Taking to the skies above the village of Meribel can be achieved in a number of ways including a ride in a hot air balloon.


Take off from the Meribel or Courchevel Altiports for a full hour of breathtaking vistas and experience that you can share with your family as it’s suitable for all ages. Typically you can expect to pay approx €1,500 for a private basket experience which is well worth it. Take it from us, don’t miss the opportunity whether it be Summer or Winter.


Craig’s Paragliding usually operates out of Courchevel, however, he also offers trips in Meribel, La Tania and Bozel. Make your dreams of soaring like a bird through air on your next trip to the Three Valleys come true. Craig has been Paragliding for nearly 20 years and uses the very latest high-performance tandem paraglider.


If you have experience on your side and are a seasoned paraglider your options are limitless with numerous clubs and organisations to get in touch with offering solo flights.

Hand gliding

Hang gliding is a popular summer activity in the three valleys. It is only a daytime flying mountain activity this means that Hang Gliding can only operate when the weather conditions are right for flying and during ski lift opening and closing times. Flying a hang glider gives an unparalleled sense of freedom, feeling the movements of the air across your body by using only the wind’s force to stay aloft. If you are a Hang Gliding novice then you can take part in tandem Hang Gliding where you fly with an instructor to give you an unforgettable experience.


Whitetracks Activities offer Hang Gliding to the public. The first flight is around 09.30hrs allowing time to catch the first lift in order to get to the departure site on time. With the last flight around 1600hrs allowing enough time to get back to Meribel or Courchevel after the flight has finished. Hang gliding departs from the Summit de la Vizelle, the mountain connected the Saulire from an altitude of 2700m.

Anne Wooley is Owner at Ski Cuisine.

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  1. Helicopter rides have always seemed so fun to me. I wonder if it’s easy to get decent photos from the helicopter? I had no idea that heli-skiing existed, it sounds extremely scary – I haven’t even been normal skiing yet! I do love these choices though, all seem very fun

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