5 rooftop bars you must visit in central London

Don’t say it too loud but London has a summer. It’s true, it really does. This is something that both locals and travellers tend to forget, it also creates something of a quandary when it comes to drinking out; London is great for a roaring fire and cozy hotel bar in the winter, but what happens when the sun is out? Well, one option is to head to one of central London’s glorious central parks. Another option is to find a bar with a roof terrace. Both great options but in the latter someone will mix the drinks for you, and keep them cold too!

Here are my picks for the top rooftop bars in central London. Enjoy.

Dalston Roof Park

The back story of this uber-trendy Dalston hangout will surprise nobody familiar with London’s most hipster suburb: The outdoor, rooftop space that is Dalston Roof Park, was a functional community allotment in a previous life! Now, the cabbage patches have been replaced with deck-chair lined lawns, the wheelbarrow has been upcycled into some Memphis-style smoker BBQ (that’s a slight embellishment), and only the coolest DJ’s in town don the decks. Oh, so trendy.


Radio Rooftop Bar

Arguably London’s most well-known roof terrace, Radio Rooftop Bar offers the best 360-degree of London’s skyline from slap bang in the middle of town. The cocktails are pricey but the bartenders are excellent and attentive. They’ll rustle you up anything you want whether it’s on the menu or not. Make sure you book ahead and try to reserve a spot on the balcony, you might get a seat if you walk-in but frankly it’s unlikely and you’re better avoiding disappointment.


OXO Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie

The OXO tower is probably the most famous London name on the list but that shouldn’t put you off even if you’re someone who likes to get off the beaten track. This is part of Harvey Nichols – one of the city’s swankiest shopping centres and the OXO bar and restaurant is of the same ilk. The live music from Thursday to Sunday is great and a better view of St Paul’s Cathdral you will not find! Not Afternoon Tea is also great: for those who prefer cocktails and cakes instead of tea and scones.


Aqua Spirit

This is something of a hidden gem and a good one to make note of. Like most of the rooftop bars on this list, you won’t just stumble across it, so scribble it down! Situated high above Regent’s Street, the location makes it the perfect spot for a bit of retail recuperation. Despite the name, you won’t find a swimming pool but you will find a relaxed pool of people kicking back and enjoying the sun and feeling rather smug that they’ve found this place.


Frank’s Café

What Frank’s lacks in panache, it makes up for in panorama! This converted car park literally offers the best panoramic view of London. Based in a disused car-park in up-and-coming Peckham, the vantage point covers from Battersea power station in the West, to Canary Wharf in the east – it would be worth the entrance fee alone… if there was one. If the sun is out, this is a London must. There is loads, and loads, and loads of space, live music, huge bars with lots of staff and delicious nibbles.


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  1. Sara says:

    I do enjoy visiting the London parks during the (very short-lived) summer, nothing beats the royal parks! I haven’t actually head of Aqua Spirit, I’m loving the sound of the location though – who doesn’t love Regent’s Street?! Dalston is a great place for bars too, it’s nice that you’ve included a bit of a mixture.

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