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Where to enjoy an al fresco coffee in Africa

If you’re planning an African safari and are also a coffee lover, then you already know that several safari destinations are also coffee exporters, such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and even Zambia. We try to frequent new coffee shops on every visit to Africa and have compiled a list of our current favorite haunts based on quality of coffee and the tranquil, al fresco environment. We’ve selected our top pick for each city or town and, in no particular order, have listed them below. Inzora Rooftop Cafe, Kigali, Rwanda This coffee shop is located inside a bookshop, so if you dont wish to enjoy your java on the rooftop, you can sip coffee and peruse their great selection of books, many of which focus on Rwanda. We love that the coffee is grown, picked and processed by womens coops in Rwanda. The coffee is good and the views from the rooftop area are gorgeous. The wifi isn’t strong on the rooftop which, in our book, is an added bonus. Prunes, Kampala, Uganda Designed by Parisian architects, Prunes offers a funky, modern interior to complement its lovely outdoor seating options. And, if you’re after more than a cup of joe, this is an excellent spot for lunch or dinner. The Mulberry, Arusha, Tanzania Despite its central location, only five minutes on foot from the clock tower, The Mulberry’s outdoor seating is so peaceful, you’d swear you were somewhere on the outskirts of town. This venue is perfect for those who wish to sit back and take in some of their natural surroundings whilst enjoying their cappuccino. Their website claims that they even have the odd hedgehog in their garden area, but we’ve only been privy to birds and monkeys. Still, not many cafes can claim that. The River Cafe, Nairobi, Kenya This cafe is nestled inside Karura Forest and you truly feel as though you are nowhere near a major city. The wifi is strong here, too, if you’re looking for a place where you can linger and catch up on whats been happening while you’ve been in the bush. It is pricey, though, as this is also a tourist spot. Taste by Rootz, Lusaka, Zambia This trendy cafe offers a funky, fun interior for those wishing to escape the heat. But, for us, the real lure is the lovely, tranquil gardens. It’s too easy to spend several hours here, lingering over a good cup of coffee and enjoying a very healthy meal. The Cottage Cafe, Harare, Zimbabwe The Cottage Cafe has a spacious garden section with a play area for little ones. The wifi is strong here, too. There’s often something local happening at The Cottage Cafe, so dont be surprised if, when you turn up, they’ve got baby clothes for sale, hanging up randomly around the garden area, or local artists showcasing their latest works. This is a good spot if you’re seeking a bit of company with your coffee. Vintage Coffee Shop, Windhoek, Namibia Last but not least on our list of al fresco coffee shops is the Vintage Coffee Shop. Aptly named, the Vintage Coffee Shop sells a wide array of vintage items, such as tableware, clothing and furniture. The outdoor seating has comfy, push chairs, perfect for tucking in to a good book while enjoying your coffee. Javier Luque is a Co-Founder and Director of Your African Safari. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. This is definitely the post for me, I’ve been waiting for a coffee guide! I’m not visiting Africa anytime soon unfortunately, but this is definitely one to be book marked. I’m so interested in how coffee tastes all around the world. These definitely look like great spots to have some iced coffee too, because I bet it’s hot! Are plant-based milks popular out there?

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