Top 5 adventures for solo travellers

Solo travel, especially solo female travel, is on the rise and can be a great adventure, but you don’t have to go it completely alone. Sometimes the thought of solo travel can be daunting and there may be some destinations you wouldn’t consider however, it needn’t be with our top pick solo adventures.

Whether it is an escorted tour, a stay and explore holiday, a river or ocean cruise, trekking, cycling, walking or adrenalin adventures you are looking for, there is lots of choice available, with something for everyone. All arranged especially for those solo travellers looking for the safety and security of hassle-free travel, along with other like-minded travellers, while seeking out new experiences and destinations.

Most solo traveller tours have no or just a small single supplement and generally cater for all age groups although there are some tours available based on age groups.

Here are my 5 top picks to consider.

South Africa

Incredible game viewing, many different cultures, magical scenery, colourful history along with superb food and wine make for a world-class destination.

Take a fully guided safari in Kruger National Park, depending on the season; visit Hermanus for the world’s finest on-shore whale-watching opportunity, experience the Western Cape’s Winelands, including a cellar tour and tasting at a 300-year old wine estate. If this is not enough to whet your appetite, you can visit botanical gardens, museums and also enjoy a stay in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, and visit the world’s third largest canyon – Blyde River canyon and witness amazing sunsets.

Western Cape Vineyards


Incredible India – a country of vast contrasts and incredible beauty, just waiting to be explored. With world-famous landmarks to wondrous hidden treasures.  Your visit will be a real feast for the senses as the vibrant colours, delicious flavours and heady scents combine to make a truly unforgettable holiday.

Take a city tour in both New and Old Delhi, there will be an opportunity to spot tigers in their natural habitat, visit the jaw dropping architecture and palaces of the ‘Pink city’ of Jaipur and of course, the highlight for many is a visit to the iconic Taj Mahal, so often seen in photographs, but there is simply no substitute for seeing it first-hand.  Conclude with a breath-taking train journey into the Himalayas and the hill station of Shimla.

ALTBTaj Mahal


Travel the breadth of the country and explore the island’s revolutionary history and its modern, vibrant Caribbean culture. Visit Havana, the faded colonial yet vibrant Cuban capital where there is a rum bar on almost every corner.

Discover colonial highlights and pass through glorious countryside, rich with exotic birds and flowers. The sea is never far away, with spectacular coastlines and tropical islands to enjoy. Walk through mountain forests, swim in fresh water pools and camp out in haciendas, trek through the jungle to Fidel’s 1950’s rebel headquarters and enjoy Cuba’s famous white sand beaches, some of the best in the Caribbean.

Now is a fantastic time to visit Cuba and experience the island. It is a bit like stepping back in time as little has changed over the past 50 years, however, with the recent relaxation of US sanctions, Cuba is becoming an ever more popular destination, with many changes likely to take place to the infrastructure. To travel in Cuba you should expect the unexpected and have an adventurous spirit, it is likely to be a whole new level of experiences for you to enjoy. Go now and enjoy this unique destination before it changes forever.

ALTB Havana

Vietnam and Cambodia

Explore Indochina’s French colonial cities, unique cultures and beautiful rural scenery on this tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. Stay in the ‘pearl of Asia’ Phnom Penh, explore Cambodia’s Angkor, one of the world’s greatest ancient sites, comparable to ancient Rome or the Pyramids. Tour Vietnam’s capital Hanoi by rickshaw and enjoy a leisurely cruise aboard a converted Chinese junk boat in Halong Bay’s where you will see the incredibly beautiful limestone cliffs jutting out from the turquoise sea. Visit ancient temples, stay in Saigon, enjoy a day on the Mekong River delta, the world’s 10th largest river system where you can see unchanged river-side life, shimmering rice-paddies and buffalo, endless fields, enchanting villages and unique flora and fauna.

ALTB Cambodia


Experience the natural wonders of Alaska –with its mighty glaciers, picturesque snow-capped mountain peaks, dramatic canyons and wonderful national parks, its incredible array of wildlife, a land carved of fire and ice. Experience Fairbanks near the Arctic Circle in the long summer days and join the Alaska railroad on a scenic journey to Denali. Enjoy the thrill of getting close to the Columbia Glacier, where ice cascades into the ocean, on an included small-ship cruise. You can even include a stopover in another land of fire and ice – Iceland – on your return journey. This exciting tour will leave you refreshed and inspired by the power of nature.


Kim Robertson is Director at Your Way (Travel) Ltd.

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Comments (8)

  1. Maggie srinivasan says:

    Really india for solo travelers. Are you dumb sexist? It is totally not safe for solo female travelers or women period!

  2. Jennika says:

    As a solo female traveller, my top recommendations for safe places to travel are Iceland (you can safely hitchhike and even leave your bike unlocked without trouble) and Japan (where locals are so polite, when you ask for directions, they will happily walk with you to make sure you reach your destination – even at midnight when I arrived in town!). I’ve never felt so safe as these two places.

  3. Jack says:

    I agree the first comment.HAHA! Idia may not ok for solo female travel.I think the beautiful scenes are atrractive for everyone. I like it and thanks for sharing.

  4. Judith says:

    I must admit I am a little daunted by the thought of solo travel, but my husband doesn’t always have the time off work and I have dallied with the idea now and then. I’m glad it’s on the increase – and safety is definitely one of my primary concerns. As mentioned, perhaps a river or ocean cruise would be a good place to start, and build my way up to one of these adventures. A small ship cruise of Alaska sounds like just my cup of tea.

  5. Louise says:

    I’m so pleased that female solo travel is on the rise, it is something I hope to be brave enough to do one day. It’s incredibly daunting for me as the world is such a dangerous place, especially for those who aren’t familiar with their surroundings. I feel as if Alaska would be my choice out of these to solo travel as it wouldn’t be such a culture shock – definitely a good starter!

  6. Sarah says:

    Solo travel is certainly something that I have contemplated, but it was undoubtedly take a lot of planning. More so being a female traveller alone. That said, I would not let it put me off, you just need to plan a little better and make sure that you always have somewhere to stay rather than arriving and then finding a room.

  7. Samantha says:

    Solo travelling is such a great way to travel, you can just go wherever you want. No relying on other people who may have different interests to you. Sometimes it can be hard choosing locations for solo travel due to safety etc. Really useful guide, I’d love to do a solo trip to Cuba.

  8. Kelly Jones says:

    Solo travelling is something everyone should try at least once it is a huge confidence builder. I went to Sri Lanka alone but joined a group and made some amazing friends and got to know myself on a deeper level! If it wasn’t for the fact I have a partner now I would still be solo travelling!

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