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The 5 best destinations in Asia for a Summer holiday

The British summer time is often the best time of year to travel, particularly for those who are travelling with the family. But it is worth bearing in mind that there are only a handful of destinations in Asia that have good weather in August and September. Temperatures can soar to unbearable heights and the monsoon rains can threaten to make your holiday a washout. Thankfully, we know about the exceptions which we can highly recommend for a fabulous holiday during the British summer months. 1. Sumba Island, Indonesia Summer in Indonesia is the very best time of year to visit, when temperatures remain at a balmy and consistent 28°C throughout the region. But whilst the crowds head for more popular destinations, there’s an exclusive island hideaway in remote eastern Indonesia which is the ultimate in privacy, romance, and with views of one of the most stunning locations on earth. sumba island Sumba Island is one of the few islands in Indonesia where you really feel as though you are perched on the edge of the world. Wild, rugged scenery, fertile jungle and unspoilt beaches, it’s where the majority of the population still follow the ways of their ancestors, and is possibly Asia’s dreamiest and unlikeliest beach destination. Nihi Sumba Island has the winning dose of luxury combined with tribal edginess, and its reputation is unrivalled. World class fishing, surfing, and diving are right on your doorstep, not to mention unforgettable activities that are absolutely beyond compare. 2. Ladakh, Northern India Ladakh in Northern India is another one of our summer favourites. In August the remote Himalayan desert basks in brilliant sunshine under stunning clear blue skies, with vistas fringed by soaring Himalayan mountains and dotted with Buddhist temples. The milky blue Indus River weaves its way through the valleys, much like the ubiquitous ancient Tibetan culture through the region, and colourful patchworks of apple and apricot orchards are scattered along the riverbanks. Ladakh During the Summer months stay at The Ultimate Travelling Camp for the ultimate in luxury glamping, combining the nomadic lifestyle with all the accoutrements of a super-luxury stay. Or do a Shakti Village Walk experience for a local yet stylish taste of this unique Himalayan region. 3. Central & East Coast Sri Lanka Weather patterns are changing all over the world, and we can no longer rely on certain months of the year for guaranteed sunshine and warm weather – just look at this August we are having! However, generally speaking the weather in Sri Lanka is dictated by two monsoon seasons; one from May to September on the west and south-west, and the second rules the east coast and northern region from October to February. Trincomalee Central and east coast Sri Lanka has warm and sunny tropical weather in August and September, and some excellent hotels have opened up here in recent years too, such as Ulagalla in the Cultural Triangle and Jungle Beach near Trincomalee, making for a perfect itinerary combining beach and culture. The east coast is also perfect for whale watching at this time of year, a perfect opportunity to tick off Sri Lanka’s Big Five from your bucket list. Sri Lanka’s south coast is also lovely from mid-August, the ideal bolthole for lounging on the beach and whiling away the lazy days. 4. Bali, Indonesia Despite being one of the more popular areas of Indonesia, Bali hasn’t become too touristy and still remains one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for people seeking a luxurious getaway. For a cultural and uplifting experience, you should include Ubud into your itinerary. bali The Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a stunning nature reserve where you can explore temples and play with monkeys, (make sure you take some bananas to give them). There are plenty of places to see art in Ubud, one of the best being the Neka Art Museum which is home to a whole variety of paintings and sculptures that will inspire you. 5. Central Vietnam Our final recommendation is Central Vietnam, another great choice for escaping the British summer. The curvaceous S-shaped country is ruled by all weather patterns at any one time, so whilst the south is mid-monsoon, Vietnam’s central beaches promise intense sunshine and the odd refreshing shower in August. vietnam Two of Vietnam’s finest beach resorts are also located in this region: Amanoi and the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay and it’s interesting to note that this is both the general manager’s favourite time of the year to be in the region too. Amanoi is situated in such a perfect location, at the edge of the Nui Chua National Park, you would be hard pressed to find a more perfect resort in the area. As for the Six Senses, this unique resort, only accessible by boat, takes full advantage of the setting, surrounded by impressive rock formations, white sandy beaches and towering mountains, it all adds to the sense of being luxuriously at one with nature. James Jayasundera is Founder and Managing Director of Ampersand Travel. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

James Jayasundera

James Jayasundera is Founder and Managing Director of Ampersand Travel in London. Ampersand Travel is an award-winning tour operator specialising in tailor-made holidays to Asia and Africa. James was raised in Rome by a Sri Lankan diplomat father and British mother, and from an early age he was travelling throughout the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Although he loves comfort, he is not blinded by five-star luxuries – the Ampersand motto is “luxury is in the experience” and it is that indefinable quality that makes something special which James is always on the look-out for. James founded Ampersand Travel in 2003, and since then the company has developed an excellent reputation for in-depth knowledge of its destinations, candid and impartial opinions on hotels and locations and a formidable network of contacts within the industry and its destinations.

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  1. These all look so stunning I’m not sure which I’d pick first! I’ve never heard of Sumbar island before now, usually Indonesian holidays are to Bali (we’re off there for the first time in a few weeks!) Northern India also looks absolutely beautiful, I would have mistaken it for Switzerland if I hadn’t seen the caption! Would love to see more on Indonesia.

    1. Hi Hannah
      I’m sorry my revision of your comment about the island of Sumbar is the island of Sumba is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara and if there is West Sumatera province name of West Sumatra

  2. Bali is number one on my bucket list from these recommendations. I’ve wanted to go for so long, maybe I need to make this my next destination. I didn’t know that Sri Lanka has gorgeous beaches. I need to add that to my list too!

  3. I usually try to avoid traveling during the summer months because most destinations that I want to visit tend to be super busy and hot. I can totally understand why it would be the ideal time to travel if I had kids that were in school. Since I work full time, I usually try to travel during the spring or fall, or even when we’re being pounded with snow! I think any place with a beach would be ideal for summer travel. I love the idea of visiting Sri Lanka and lounging on the beach.

  4. I’ve been to Bali, but I really like the look and sound of Sumba Island. It definitely looks warm, and I’m sure the warm weather would be a nice welcome come winter. Sri Lanka looks amazing and I hear so many good things so I’d add this to my list too!

  5. Really a nice collated list of must visits for summer. I agree with Ladakh, as it is gaining popularity at a real fast pace in India and abroad. I wasn’t aware that Bali is still not that touristy so this does make Bali a perfect getaway from maddening rush everywhere else.

  6. Thanks for sharing these really amazing spots. You had me at the Sumba islands in Indonesia, it looks and sounds amazing. Sri Lanka also looks like the perfect getaway.

  7. What a complete list. I thought I was not going to see Bali on the list, but as usual, I did. I’d love to explore all of these places, I can’t even choose which one should top my bucket list. Thanks for taking your time to write on these destinations, I’d be making good decisions with it.

  8. These all five choices are best destinations in Asia. Ladakh has Himalayan ranges with fresh oxygen. Bali is my choice because I have never been to this place and want to go there for enjoying greenery. Vietnam’s resorts also looks like luxurious and exotic.

  9. Amazing Article!!Expecting more posts like this. There is one more best summer holiday spot in India which is,God’s own country Kerala.

  10. I love your suggestions on Vietnam! I have been there a few years ago and did all the touristic places. But I want to return next year and I am looking for less known destinations where I can enjoy some quality relaxing time but also get to know their culture in more depth.

  11. Been to all except Ladakh! I haven’t heard too much about the place other than that it’s far and that there are other better places to be in Northern India. But luxury glamping to that view looks like it could my type of vacation :) Will definitely be looking into it some more!

  12. Asia is a must go destination! I always recommend travelers to head to Asia for an unique adventure. I am dying to visit Bali – everything I’ve read about this place makes it sound like its the perfect place to relax, chill and enjoy an unique adventure :)

  13. As a keen nature enthusiast Asia offers many opportunities, but none so much as Indonesia I think. You’ve really captured the spirit and uniqueness of various regions here and given me lots of thought for potential travel destinations. With a good tour guide, I would really love to visit quite a few of these places.

    1. Hi Jude,
      Maybe you should find out more about the most interesting tourist destinations in Asia, especially Indonesia which has many tourist destinations besides Bali and Sumba Island. There is Lombok Island Gili Trawangan, Lake Toba which is a volcanic lake located in North Sumatra and many more natural beauty in Indonesia.

  14. You have chosen some fantastic destinations here, I knew that Asia had some great holiday places but when you have a few all in one piece of writing it seems overwhelming! Bali is perhaps top of my list, it feels like a magical land to me whenever I see it in photos or on TV. The sanctuary seems wonderful.

  15. Hi,
    I think you need to add Raja Ampat island in the province of West Papua, Indonesia as one of the must-visit tourist destinations, an exotic island with a spectacular natural scenery.

  16. Very interesting post. My friends and I spent an amazing week at Nihi Sumba. It was an incredible experience. The meals were all excellent and we had a great wine selection too. We mainly dined in the restaurants but a few times we chose to do room service and eat at our beautiful villa privately which was really nice too. Your post proves to be very helpful for peoples to plan their summer vacations.

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