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Top 6 luxury lodges in Australia

Known for its rust-red outback, ivory beaches, and culinary excellence, Australia’s quality of life is extraordinary, but what does it offer the luxury traveller? Plenty. Heralding a climate and landscape that covers the spectrum, the luxury traveller should demand an engaging sensory experience that takes advantage of Australia’s scenic beauty without foregoing the finer comforts. Australia’s bespoke selection of Luxury Lodges aim to raise the bar on your expectations. Secluded, self contained, and utterly exceptional, they delight in immersing you in the wonders of their surrounds, complementing trusted service with world-class food, signature experiences, and relaxation Spas. Here is my top six. The Louise, Barossa Valley Situated in the heart of South Australia’s premier wine region, The Louise luxury lodge is a standout in a field of excellence. Nestled in SA’s seductive wine country, the Louise delivers sophisticated comfort and sensory indulgence that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. The Barossa is a true culinary destination, and it’s no surprise that food and wine are at the core of your stay. Your days will be spent exploring heritage-listed wineries and gleefully sampling local delicacies. In this romantic setting, wake to views of Barossa Valley’s picturesque vineyards and over a warm sunset dine at the world-class Appellation restaurant. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island On the rugged cliffs of Kangaroo Island, the Southern Ocean Lodge sets the benchmark for contemporary luxury in a reclusive paradise. If the Barossa Valley were South Australia’s Crown Jewel, then Kangaroo Island would be its pearl. The Southern Ocean Lodge elevates the guest experience with twenty-one lavish suites that seamlessly melt into the cliffs with panoramic views of the coastline. If you’re not rejuvenating in the outstanding wellness spa, The Southern Ocean Lodge offers a range of bespoke itineraries for all travellers, encouraging a symbiotic emersion with Kangaroo Island and the wilderness, renowned for its natural attractions, rugged coastline, and teeming wildlife. qualia, Hamilton Island Experience The Great Barrier Reef’s finest hideaway offering, the qualia, Hamilton Island. qualia, like its meaning in Latin, prides itself on ‘delivering a collection of deeper sensory experiences’. The lavish lodge in the Whitsundays is a place of tranquillity and calm hidden on the secluded tip of Hamilton Island. Sixty sun-drenched pavilions make up qualia’s offering, classically designed to blend with the natural surroundings and to provide sweeping views of Australia’s northern paradise. qualia’s uniqueness comes from its enviable setting, elegant design, and its focus on absolute relaxation. Lose your self and your troubles in the calming sunlight, the allure of turquoise water, and the rich tropical bushland. Spicers Peak Lodge, Maryvale On eight thousand acres of pristine land, Spicers Peak Lodge holds a special place in Queensland’s hinterland. Spicers Peak Lodge stands to whisk you away from the stresses of city living to rejuvenate the mind and re-energise the body. For the adventurous, the Lodge offers a helicopter ride to and from the airport, and once there, outdoor activities for the young at heart are plentiful on the edge of a World-Heritage listed National Park. Spa Anise will cater to your every need, and The Peak restaurant will dazzle your tastebuds with modern Australian cuisine. This is a sanctuary that offers lavishness in the simpler appreciation of nature and activity in the great outdoors. Saffire Freycinet, Luxury Lodge, Tasmania Tasmania’s mesmerizing untouched wilderness is yours to explore at the elegant Saffire Lodge. Perched on stunning Oyster Bay, Saffire Freycinet is about the pure discovery of Tasmania’s wilderness through a sumptuous lens. It brings guests to the heart of the exclusive Tasmanian experience with an easy romance. Sunset splashes high wooden ceilings overlooking the azure estuary where you’ll shuck fresh oysters. The eclectic rooms are designed with Tasmanian timber, and are complimented with local touches. Everything about Saffire and its signature experiences in the surrounding landscape is extraordinary, contemporary, and unobtrusive to this gorgeous part of the world. Longitude 131, Northern Territory Discover Australia’s red heartland in the tranquil Lodge at the seat of the World Heritage wilderness at Uluru. A distinct and spiritual experience awaits you in the sixteen glamorous pavilions of Longitude 131. Find a sense of place on the exclusive rust-red dunes, and be taken in by Australia’s ancient Aboriginal past. In this majestic setting, allow the bespoke Spa to take you on a cultural journey of relaxation, and in the evening, enjoy the unrivalled panoramic views of Uluru under star-filled skies. In offering seamless luxury and respectful seclusion, Longitude 131 excels.

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  1. “What does Australia offer the luxury traveller?” There’s a simple one word answer to that – Everything.

    Personally I’d be very happy holed up in the The Louise in the Barossa Valley to see out the British winter as long as there was an ample supply of the local wines available.

    1. This was easy to write as I live very close to the Barossa Valley and can attest that it is a paradise for lovers of outstanding wine and food. So much choice too. If you ever pop into Adelaide this is on the must-see list. Perhaps my answer to that question should have been: “An embarrassment of riches.”

  2. Experienced a stay in qualia and it’s truly exceptional. We booked the Windward Pavillion and the views of the Whitsundays are gorg! The accommodation was really big for only two people but it had everything you can think of. It also had an infinity pool. I would recommend this. All the other are equally luxurious though, so it’s going to be a hard choice for those thinking of booking a room.

    1. Carla that sounds wonderful! qualia really is an amazing place. Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. Is there anything more romantic than that photo of the waiter preparing a sunset dinner on the beach at qualia?

    It is such a clever picture. It is as if you and your partner could walk onto the scene at any moment to fill those empty chairs.

    1. Yes, dining on the beach is a brilliant concept.Though I’ve got my doubts about dining in the water. I would be worried that I would become the “dinner” for something else. I read Bill Bryson’s great book on Australia a long time ago and I’m still haunted by his section on how many deadly species there are both on land and in the water.

    2. Hi, Claire isn’t it just! Truly qualia is a superbly romantic place.

      Helen, I wouldn’t let a fear of dangerous wildlife get in your way. These Lodges are very professional and do take the safety of their guests very seriously and won’t put you in any danger. In all honesty, you will likely never ever see any of the dangerous species mentioned in his book unless you want to go looking for them with experienced guides. Salt Water Crocs do inhabit the areas in the north around the Whitsundays but in my opinion, the media loves to over-inflate the risks for foreigners same goes for sharks, which, statistically, you’re more likely to be hit by a bus than be attacked by one. Australia is a very safe place to visit I assure you. We have more trouble here with tourists getting caught in rips or drowning in the surf because they don’t know how to swim. Hope that helps!

  4. Tasmania is a long, long way from the U.K. but a friend of mine has now visited three times. He raves about the place and after his most recent visit he still plans to return to Tassie again.

    So, Saffire Freycinet would be ideal for one base but are there any other super luxurious lodges on Tasmania that you would recommend?

    1. It’s almost as far away from the UK as you can get! Well worth it though, if you ask me. Tasmania has its own landscape and unique wildlife the fascinates even us mainlander Australians. The story of the Tasmanian Tiger is particularly interesting. The island is known as the ‘apple isle’ and also for its beer & whiskey thanks to its very high quality of water. There are so many wonderful places to stay in Tassie but on the of the very high end, Saffire is my standout. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. There are so many gorgeous places to explore, and I really like the sound of relaxing somewhere like the Spicers Peak Lodge where it’s a little quieter but with the options for outdoors activities and spa relaxation, too. Best of both worlds. I have relatives that live in Australia and try as I might, I can’t get them to do a swap with me here in the UK! I know they go travelling quite often and they have a caravan to make the most of longer trips, but I’m not sure which specific areas they’ve been to. I’ll have to ask and see if they’ve visited the likes of Kangaroo Island and Hamilton Island; if they haven’t I’ll make the suggestions!

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