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5 reasons to ski at Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park, Japan

As Japan explodes on the world map as an ultimate powder skiing destination, you may be wondering which areas to visit first and what they offer. For anyone heading to Hakuba this season, here are a few great reasons why Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park might be your pick for the day. 1. Longest season for peak to valley skiing In contrast to the other resorts within the valley, Hakuba47`s slopes are north facing, meaning that it has less direct sun exposure and therefore maintains cooler temperatures on the slopes. The result is that it has the longest top to bottom skiing in Hakuba, and is therefore a great option for early or late season skiing. This also means less up and downloading and the long lift lines that can accompany that. 2. Dry snow It`s north facing slopes also give us light, dry power for the same reason of maintaining cooled temperatures. So even in the late morning or afternoon the snow quality can be excellent. This makes it a really good choice for a blue sky powder day where the sun has to potential to make the snowpack wet and heavy elsewhere. 3. Underrated tree skiing While resorts such as Cortina may be infamous for it`s tree riding, Hakuba47 is lesser known for it. As a result, it attracts less crowds into it`s treed areas, creating less competition for fresh tracks; on some days you can still find freshies until closing! As for the terrain itself, it is some of the most technically interesting and challenging in the valley and is also serviced by a high speed quad lift giving the fastest tree laps. It`s location to the main hub of Hakuba`s accommodations mean that it is most likely the shortest driving distance for tree riding. 4. Biggest Terrain Park It`s park also boasts the title of the valley`s largest with a full sized half pipe and a series of boxes, rails & kickers following a steady progression. It`s beginner area makes learning freestyle approachable while it`s full sized features attract top athletes from all over. Designed by professionals it is the resort for anyone slightly terrain park inclined. 5. lift line priority A huge draw for the international crowd is that it is currently the only resort that offers lift line priority to it`s international ski schools. This means that during busy periods precious lesson time need not be wasted waiting to catch a lift. While Hakuba is not overcrowded there are definitely times during peak season when this is a real advantage and makes a big difference to the time you get on your skis! Nadine Robb is Owner and Instructor at Hakuba Ski Concierge. Hakuba Ski Concierge is a boutique ski school in Hakuba, Japan. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Nadine Robb

Nadine Robb is Owner and Instructor at Hakuba Ski Concierge. Hakuba Ski Concierge is a boutique ski school specialising in private ski lessons, snowboard lessons and resort guiding services. The first of it`s kind in Hakuba, Japan – guests have the freedom to manage their time how they see fit, and have a choice of ski resorts, onsens and local lunch spots to ensure that they get the very most out of Hakuba. Originally from the UK, Nadine has been in Japan for 10 years now, with time spent in Austria and Canada previously. Author to the children`s book `Joey`s First Ski Lesson`, Nadine is also a professional Ski and Snowboard Instructor, Wilderness First Responder and Swift Water Rescue Technician and mother of two.

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  1. Japan’s gotta be good for skiing. Two people this weekend have told me that they’re off to Japan after Christmas. Long way to go. Must have a lot going for the place.

  2. Wow that looks like a very long ski run. I’m sure my avid skiing friends have tried these slopes. I have two left feet when it comes to snow activities so I always opt out on destinations like this, though the place looks amazing. Any other fun activities to do in the area?

  3. I hadn’t realised Japan was becoming a top skiing destination. I tend to think of other European destinations as having the monopoly there and yet Hakuba47 seems to have excellent conditions and quality to snow, to to mention different terrains to make it exciting. I’ll have to forward this to my friend who swears by Austria for his yearly skiing adventures as I don’t think he could turn down a trip to Japan!

    1. It sure is! Japan is in fact home to the most ski resorts in the world, and is also home to the snowiest places on the planet! Hakuba in particular is a hub for numerous Asian, Australian and increasingly North American as well as European avid inbound skiers seeking bottomless powder snow and different culture!

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