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Beach resorts and vegan food in Hua Hin, Thailand

Less than 3 hours drive from Bangkok are the golden sands of Hua Hin, a seaside destination that offers the perfect option for a weekend escape from the city. The options are endless with most major hotel and resort operators having properties in Hua Hin. For us though it was important that we would not go hungry as vegan guests so a little research was needed. Having visited once before we knew that we would be returning to Evason Hua Hin. It is quite simply one of the most vegan friendly luxury resorts we’ve ever stayed at, but more about that later. We also decided to check out InterContinental Hua Hin Resort as we had enjoyed many previous positive experiences at their properties in this region. We contacted them in advance and were assured that they could easily cater for vegan guests. Finally, we would be staying at one of the newest resorts in town, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa which has a central, beachfront location. Considering our stay was during Chinese New Year we were pleased to find rooms available using our Marriott points which offered great value when compared to the room rates. Evason Hua Hin Evason Hua Hin lived up to all of our expectations and more. Serene and peaceful resort? Check. On site plant based cooking school? Check. ‘Vegan Corner’ at breakfast? Check. Selection of vegan ice cream on the room service menu? Check. This place truly is a vegan friendly luxury resort and we loved it. Blue Lotus Hua Hin We signed up for a ‘Vegan Bakery Weekend Intensive’ culinary course with Blue Lotus Hua Hin who are the leading plant based cooking school on the region. It was truly inspirational as we chopped and blended and baked our way through a programme that included making a trio of tacos and the most delicious vegan tiramisu we’ve ever eaten. The kitchen and equipment are state of the art and our instructor was delightful, full of passion for plant based cuisine and life in general. Coast As the name suggests, the Coast restaurant has an enviable location with stunning ocean views. It was the perfect spot for an early evening glass of wine followed by delicious vegan food with friends. With clearly marked vegan options and staff who fully understand what that actually means we were in safe hands. Our selections of white bean and avocado bruschetta and mixed mushroom soup both proved to be very good choices indeed. The bruschetta was served on dehydrated passion fruit crackers and the soup was bursting with flavour. Who ever said vegan food was boring?! InterContinental Hua Hin Resort Upon arrival at this beachfront luxury resort we were invited to check in via the club lounge as we had booked a Club InterContinental room. This proved to be an inspired choice as the service and professionalism we received was next level. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort is set within pristine grounds boasting incredible ocean views from many of the rooms and suites. We made a dinner reservation at Pirom, the onsite Thai restaurant. The menu offered a vegetarian section including a number of vegan dishes and the staff were happy to prepare a Penang curry and Pad Se Ew (flat rice noodles with soy sauce) that were both 100% vegan. The breakfast buffet at all InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has clear labels showing contents and dietary restrictions including vegan. We love this and it makes navigating the buffet a pleasure and means we don’t have to ask for help every 5 minutes. Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa Modern, stylish and right on the beach, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa is a very good looking luxury resort indeed. We were impressed with the ocean view from our room and we loved the ‘adult only’ swimming pool offering the perfect place to chill. The staff were super helpful from the moment we checked in and even helped with onward transportation upon departure. Our vegan lunch in Amber was a selection of dishes from the main menu that were adapted to be vegan. When we made the reservation we spoke to the restaurant manager who assured us this would not be a problem. She was right and we shared 3 main courses including this delicious ‘Tau Hu Phad Hed Mamuang’ or fried tofu with cashew nuts. Lunch at Amber concluded with a trio of vegan desserts that chef had created ‘off menu’ and each and every one were very, very good. Too often we are served ‘Tropical Fruit Salad’ at the end of a vegan meal and this is always a little disappointing. We were certainly not disappointed by ‘Cherry Almond Chocolate Cakes, Mango and Coconut Cubes’ and a side of vegan pineapple and coconut sorbet. We loved our latest vegan travel adventure and hope you enjoyed reading about the beach resorts and vegan food in Hua Hin that we enjoyed during our trip. Of course, Evason Hua Hin, with Blue Lotus the plant based learning centre on site was hard to beat but we were please to have positive experiences as vegan guests at InterContinental and Marriott too. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with more and more luxury hotels and resorts catering for their plant based guests! Paul Eyers is Founder of Vegan Food Quest. Vegan Food Quest have become luxury vegan travel specialists as they continue to find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Paul Eyers

Paul Eyers is co-founder of Vegan Food Quest who write about luxury hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia with a focus on sustainable travel, eco travel and vegan travel. Currently based in Malaysia, Paul also writes about sporting events and some of the finest golf courses throughout the region.

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  1. I’ve not been to the Intercontinental in Hua Hin but I’ve stayed at some of their other hotels throughout the world. I often book access to their club lounge. The chefs make a real effort with their evening buffets. Officially, the offering is “canapés” but usually there’s plenty for guests with some tempting vegan choices too. Whilst singing the praises of Intercontinental you really get to know the staff if you use the lounge for a week and the service is exemplary. It’s nice if you return after a couple of years and the staff still remember you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Roger

      We would agree about Club InterContinental being a very good option when staying with InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.

      The staff have always been very helpful and ensured we’ve had vegan food in the evening and during breakfast…

  2. Is it any wonder that veganism is on a roll with fabulous presentation like this?

    I may be wrong but when I used to talk to vegans the majority of them were vegan because of their worries about animal welfare.

    I get the impression that it is changing. It seems to me that now more people are becoming vegan because they just think that meat production is inefficient use of land and that they worry about methane levels and global warming.

    1. We would agree that the huge growth in veganism recently has been driven my health and environmental concerns for sure. We are happy whatever way people approach veganism and change their habits as the benefits are far recahing and good for us all (and the animals of course!)

  3. Makes me want to head back to Hua Hin again. Looks absolutely amazing. Next time I’m in Thailand I will need to check this out. Making me feel hungry just look at those pictures, stunning presentation.

  4. I’ve never been to Hua Hin but we are planning to go soon. The food at Evason and Blue Lotus looks amazing and may even persuade me to eat vegan food when I visit!

  5. Been once before years and years ago when I wasn’t a vegetarian. Very tempted to visit again and spoil myself with these choices…all looks delicious ?

    1. Thank you for commenting Norbert. Hua Hin (and Thailand in general) is very good for vegan travel and vegetarian food, you should return for sure!

  6. Serene and peaceful sounds like my cup of tea! All of the vegan food looks incredible. I was even lucky enough to try the dessert made by Paul at the cooking course and it was delicious!!!

  7. My favourite has got to be Evason. It looks absolutely wonderful. I would love to do one of their cookery courses. The food looks delicious and your photos showcase the colourful presentation of the dishes. Everything you say about the Evason makes me want to check out if I can afford to visit.
    Not to say I wouldn’t be happy at the other two resorts! It’s a joy to see food being clearly identified and not feel embarrassed by having to constantly ask questions.
    I liked the ‘adult only’ swimming pool at the Marriott and the Tofu and Cashew Nut dish looked very tasty, as did the trio of desserts.
    It sounds like you were well looked after at all three resorts but for me the Evason comes out on top. (Maybe I want someone to teach me to cook delicious food)

    1. It’s always good to learn fro a professional and its even better to find out you’ve taken it on board enough to make the same at home!. Evason, is indeed one of the best vegan options (not just in Hua Hin) but anywhere we’ve been and well worth a visit. The price is pretty reasonable too considering the location and quality of service…

  8. I have already been to Thailand several times and visited a lot of beaches. I would recommend Bophut and Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort the most because it is very near to bars and restaurants. The fine sand and palm trees also add beauty to the beach and the calmness of the water will make you want to dive in immediately. If you are a vegan, then Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort is the place for you. They have dishes on their menu that are cruelty-free and even a buffet that vegetarians can enjoy as well.

    1. Thank you for your comment Shierly. We certainly enjoyed InterCon Hua Hin and would love to return. Please tell us about Bophut? We have never heard of that?

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