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Reasons why you should visit Venice if you haven’t yet

Venice is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world. As much as you have been told about it, nothing will ever be fair to your personal experience. That is why I have decided to put together this article with the reasons why you should visit this emblematic city in the north of Italy. The canals of Venice, so famous throughout the world, are its main attraction. There are other cities on the planet that also enjoy these unique spaces, but none is as beautiful as this. It is impossible to reach it and not fall in love with the gondolas, the bridges, the boats that sail through them … Certainly the best way to go around and experience Venice is by private boat that will take you through the Grand Canal, reasonably defined as “the most beautiful avenue in the world”. With great experts on board, you can experience the city and recall of the legends, history, point out the monuments, architectural masterpieces, art, introduce to the lives of those who created or enjoyed it: artists, noblemen, courtesans and other inhabitants of the lagoon. Another incredible attraction of Venice is its gardens. Everywhere in the city you travel through, you can find beautiful vergeles cared for till the last detail. Many can think that in Venice, there is little “green”, that is to say that there is nowhere to relax under the shade of a tree, and it is not so, what happens is that the largest green area of the city is at the tip , and leave the Basilica of San Marcos behind, to go down the canal in the direction of the sea. There was a time in Venice was surrounded by green fields of the city were intended for the cultivation or grazing of animals (hence the origin of the name field), but over the centuries, these areas have been progressively covered by pavers, used for paving the city. Today the public green is not very extensive, it is a total of about 120,000 square meters that are divided into six gardens throughout the city. These green areas are: the Pineta de Santa Helena, the Giardini di Napoleón, the Groggia gardens, the Papadopoli gardens, the Giardini ex Reali, the Savorgnan gardens. Remember that when you arrive in Venice, you are in Italy. In this transalpine country it is very difficult to not fall in love with the food. Of course, it is advisable to escape from the most tourist areas, such as the Plaza de San Marcos, if you do not want to pay for a pizza as if you had ingested the full menu of a five-star hotel. Veneta cuisine is traditional, simple and based on the products offered by the lagoon: fish, vegetables and meat. But, to these local products, an oriental influence is attached to the use of spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper …) and the great variety of rices. However, the fact that you should not eat at the premises adjacent to St. Mark’s Square does not prevent you from visiting it. At the moment, in Venice they do not charge to breathe or admire art. And this is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. An impressive area that everyone should visit once in a lifetime at least. St. Mark’s Basilica is the most important religious temple in Venice. The basilica is located in St. Mark’s Square, which has always been the center of public and religious life in the city. Inside the Basilica the dominant color is gold. The mosaics of the Ascension dome (the main dome) date from the early 13th century and represent scenes from the New Testament. The mosaics of the atrium were made in glass tiles and gold leaf and detail scenes from the Old Testament. Underneath the altar, supported by four columns of alabaster and marble, rests the body of St. Mark. The Doge’s Palace is also much worth the visit. Once the rulers of Venice employed art and architecture to represent the power and wealth they were holding and the Doge’s Palace is the greatest example of this intention. Primarily it served as a private residence for the doge and as a place where the most important political decisions were made and carried out. Up until now the palace retained the importance and symbolical meaning for the city and people living here, only that nowadays it has become a place that can be visited and admired by many and not only by a few chosen ones. Visit also the halls of the body of government and justice, private rooms of the doges, and even get a glimpse of the prison cells and the famous Bridge of Sighs. In addition, a wonderful attraction of Venice is the sea. While it is true that it is popularly known for its canals, it is also a city surrounded by sea and must be traveled to get to the city and to leave. Already when you approach and see the silhouette of the town surrounded by water is a beautiful picture. To get a better insight of the Venetian culture visit Murano island that ever since all around the world is known for its glass production – worth-seeing mastery of blowing and shaping the glass that has a long history as the island itself. One more reason, is its impressive palaces, churches and basilicas. Everything in the city is beautiful, but the enormous amount of places destined for the noble and the wealthy have made today the geography of the city of the canals does not have a single meter without enjoying a unique corner full of history and magnificence. Besides the previously mentioned Doge Palace, you must not miss Basilica of Santi Giovanni and Paolo: two-part basilica is also known as San Zanipolo. It is a wonderful example of Gothic style that also has very specific features typical only for the city of Venice. It is dedicated to saints John and Paul and built by the Dominican order between 1246 and 1430, the church held an important position in the history of Venetian Republic as a burial place for the most important noblemen and Doges. In other words, it is Venice’s Pantheon. As an example of church, Santa Maria Dei Miracoli is located not far away from the San Mark’s Square, in a small square that was named after the saint. The entire exterior and interior is decorated with various types of marble that differ in colors and textures. The simplicity of the decoration, yet the preciousness of the material is wonderful example of exquisite taste of the Italian Renaissance architects. Also, it is clear that one of the biggest attractions of the city of canals is its carnival. Among the most famous worldwide, it stands out for its elegance and stately atmosphere. In addition, the masks that many of the participants wear are authentic artistic jewels. Forget about this celebration in its strict sense and get ready to enjoy the most distinguished art on the planet. It is clear that visiting Venice is one of the most beautiful experiences that every traveler should try at least once in a lifetime. Take off all the preconceived ideas you have and approach this unique town in the world to taste culture, art, gastronomy and beauty in equal parts. Carmen Caballero is Founder of Exotik Traveler. Exotik Traveler is a luxury travel design and consultancy firm which creates unique experiences for luxury travelers, tailored to their needs. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carmen Caballero

Carmen Caballero is the founder and luxury travel consultant behind Exotik Traveler, a luxury travel design and consultancy firm which creates unique experiences for luxury travelers, tailored to their needs. Globally-based in Madrid, Spain, and about 7 years of hard work developing her company, Carmen has worldwide loyal clients and is grateful to have a growing clientele that proudly recommend her services and repeat. Carmen focuses on the design of luxury travel experiences around the world, maintaining high quality standards for demanding worldwide customers and servicing above their expectations. Carmen has traveled notably, and currently continues her way with over 315 luxury hotels and over 38 countries, and continues to follow her passion which is to travel, and curate luxury experiences for her clients. Moreover, with over 70.000 followers in Instagram, Carmen helps some businesses in the luxury travel industry enhance their social media exposure. Her personal experience has taught her how to grow clientele in social media, conscious of how important brand image and first impression are in social media channels. Carmen knows in depth the needs and demands of the luxury travel industry and of high-demand clients.

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  1. Venice always strikes me as a romantic city, one with a bit of magic and a lot of history. The obvious things like canals, architecture and gondolas come to mind first. I read about the awful floods at the end of last year, sounds like a heck of a lot of damage was caused which is so sad. How’s it going there now? I’ve not read anything more recently about the current water levels or more floods so hopefully it’s eased off. I hadn’t thought about the greens and gardens, or shortage thereof, in Venice before. It’s good to know where to head to if you want to see those gardens. And the food yes, I can see myself gaining a few pounds there!

    1. I was thinking the same thing when I read this piece. Over the years, it seems like a lot of flooding damage has impacted the city and the local government has resorted to drastic measures like auctioning off art from the museums. I hope they can come up with some better ways of preserving this treasure! Definitely a romantic place for sure.

    2. Hi Jenny and Lauren, thank you very much for your comments. After the floods Venice is still looking gorgeous as always, winter is always a difficult time to travel to Venice, however, due to the large amount of tourists there are during summer season it would be a positive point, and prices too. It is always good to have a good travel advisor to give you the best advice for when you decide to visit:)

  2. Watching the glass blowing on Murano is really hypnotic. I could have stayed there watching the master craftsmen all day. Not to be missed if you go to Venice.

  3. Suffering classic FOMO after reading this. I’ve been to many countries. Can’t understand why I’ve never done Venice.

  4. Great quality photos with this piece which really do a great job selling Venice. If a picture’s worth a thousand words and all that. The one of the gondolas in a diagonal line sums up classic Venice. I also love the reflections one on to a glossy gondola. But probably the view through the arches is my favourite as it combines the amazing architecture with the beauty outside.

  5. The St Mark’s Basilica gets a vote from me too and the Bridge of Sighs, definitely worth seeing. Make sure you take a portable phone charger if you’re using your mobile phone camera because you’ll be taking a lot of photos. There’s so much vibrancy and history in Venice, you can’t not love it.

  6. Remember that in Shakespeare’s day when he wrote “The Merchant of Venice” the city had a reputation for being exotic, romantic and glamorous even though it is almost a certainty that Shakespeare never travelled that far. That was over 400 years ago and Venice’s allure and reputation have only grown since.

    1. Great reference! That’s one of the few Shakespeare plays I ever really enjoyed. Just the thought of its lasting impact on culture in the region makes me want to visit.

  7. As always, any picture of the Venice canals is sure to inspire and re-inspire any avid traveller. And while it is true that the touristy area of Piazza San Marco will always have expensive food, it is the best place to enjoy a meal. I suggest going for take-outs or stopping by the local supermarket and buying fresh packed food or visiting the Rialto Food Market. It might also be good to note that you definitely cannot eat or picnic in Piazza San Marco or church’s steps and bridges.

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