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These luxury hotels will open in 2021

2021 is a year packed with transformation in the hospitality and tourism industry where landmarks become 5-star luxury hotels, and these luxury hotels are promoting destinations. The new luxury hotels to open this year target millennials and advocate advanced technological features. These 5-star hotels have a mission to maintain a holistic and futuristic take on lavish living. Guests are avid travelers with high expectations and are always searching for something new. Keep reading to see how the tourism industry has been bringing dreams to reality. Aman Hotel New York Escape the bustle of Manhattan, New York, and renew your spirit with the Aman Hotel. Feel the history of New York in a luxurious tower once known as The Crown Building. Experience a dramatic and lavish design. The Aman Hotel is iconic with an art-deco and ultra-modern theme, designed by Jean-Michel Gathy. Penthouses are more than 4000 square feet each with four bedrooms. There are 83 hotel rooms, and the upper floors will have 22 private Aman Residences. Live in the heart of fashion and beauty, wake up to astounding views of central park. The Aman Hotel features three restaurants that include Italian and Japanese cuisine. You’ll have access to an indoor swimming pool encompassed by fire pits and daybeds. Additionally, there is a Bar along with a jazz club and wine room. Atlantis Royal Dubai The Royal Atlantis in Dubai is Kerzner International’s latest creation. Inspired by the tale of the lost city of Atlantis, the building has a puzzle-like structure similar to a Jenga game. Located at the Apex of Palm Jumeriah and a neighbor to Atlantis, The palm, residents can enjoy a view so beautiful it seems like a dream. Enjoy the magical style of Sybille de Margerie’s interior design. The 5-star luxury hotel will open by the end of 2021 with residential and resort accommodations. The luxury hotel has 43 floors. There will be 231 apartments available and 800 rooms. It’s rare to find a tall apartment structure with a garden, even more, an entire backyard. Residents of Atlantis, the Royal can look forward to this. Enjoy eating from the hands of iconic international chefs. Indulge in a gastronomic Fiesta; your tastebuds will dance from the flavors of the 14 restaurants available. All guests will have access to multiple swimming pools, a rooftop infinity pool, and Atlantis, The Palm’s thrilling waterpark Aquaventure. Le Cheval Blanc Paris Le Cheval Blanc Paris is on the verge of opening! Icons, fashion lovers, and food lovers. The time you’ve been waiting for is finally near. The new 5-star luxury hotel at La Samaritaine, Le Cheval Blanc Paris, will be accommodating Parisians and tourists this summer. Watch your dreams come true. From Signature fragrances, picnics, and authentic international cuisine to the Dior Spa, Evoke your five senses! Le Cheval Blanc Paris is a destination designed by architect Peter Marino built to guarantee your privacy with just 72 rooms. The 46 suites, soon to become available, all include a bold dressing room. In addition, enjoy a private balcony overlooking the Seine. The 5-star luxury hotel will feature three restaurants, enjoy delectable masterpieces from Chef Arnaud Donckele and Pastry Chef Maxime Frédéric. Feel the spirit of Paris. Cheval Blanc Paris, bound to ignite love and light. Fairmont Century Plaza Los Angeles The luxury landmark of Los Angeles, Century Plaza, has been a top-tier 5-star luxury hotel centered around fashion, dining, and entertainment since 1966. Fairmont Century Plaza is about to take Los Angeles to a new luxury level with its grand opening in 2021. Choose from 351 golden guest rooms and 49 golden suites, with generously spread bronze and silver furnishing—daydream from unprecedented city views on your private balcony. Enjoy the comfort of your home, do what you want when you want. Indulge in top-notch in-room dining experiences with profuse seafood towers. Relish your tastebuds with french fused with Californian fine dining. Enhance your mood, increase focus and reduce inflammation with the adaptogenic beverage program. Fairmont Century Plaza Los Angeles features a heated outdoor pool, zen-inspired spa and Technogym fitness center, and Jaume Plensa’s holographic-like mesh portrait floating above the water. Choose check-in and check-out time; when you get your meals and your welcome drink, Do whatever whenever with the help of a personal assistant. Take a post-flight facial before flying home. As you kick your feet up, you think to yourself. “This is the life!” Kempinski Engelberg We are introducing to you the first 5-star luxury hotel in Engelberg, Kempinski Engelberg. Experience the modern representation of the Belle Epoque era. A classic Swiss design fused with a contemporary design right in the Swiss mountains. This project lies in the hands of mayor Eduard Cattani, who built the health resort, Hotel Titlis, and Winterhaus luxury hotel. Eduard preserves the historical features of the city’s landmark while transforming it into a 21st century Palace. Furthermore, Kempinski Engelberg Palace was born and will open on June 25th, 2021. Complimentary massage, anyone? Book your stay for the grand opening and enjoy multiple welcome gifts like complimentary beverages and a lovely room upgrade. Additionally, you’ll receive a two-day hiking pass and so much more. There are 129 luxurious rooms and suites with panoramic views of the Alpine. Engelberg is in the heart of Switzerland and is the most extensive summer and winter destination. Avail yourself with riveting activities like mountain biking, a healing whey bath, golfing, fishing, and so much more. Additionally, the palace features a rooftop infinity pool along with a spa and fitness center. Guests can indulge in homemade cakes and pastries over engaging conversations by the Winter Gardens. Gentlemen and anyone seeking to clear their mind can go by the Cigar Lounge. Whiskey and cigars will have you feeling the right vibe. Get your best outfits and suitcases ready. You’re about to have the time of your life! Guido Graf is Founder of Privateupgrades. Privateupgrades is a global luxury travel club with over 20 years of experience in luxury hotels, ensuring exclusive VIP privileges like upgrades, free breakfast, free nights, rate discounts, free airport transfers, free massages and much more. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Guido Graf

Guido Graf, born in Vienna, is a respected businessman and pioneer in the European luxury travel industry. After studying in Switzerland, he founded Deluxetargets in 2001, one of the most esteemed companies for luxury travel in Europe. In 2017, he recognized the growing importance of the digital market and launched PrivateUpgrades, an online platform providing access to over 2000 luxury hotels with exclusive VIP benefits. Graf is widely acknowledged as an expert in luxury hotels and continually sets new standards for exceptional travel experiences. Moreover, since 2008, he is the exclusive representative for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic in Switzerland. Graf also sits on advisory boards of several renowned luxury hotel brands and has held a consulting role in several significant hotel openings such as the Royal Atlantis in Dubai. His innovative spirit and entrepreneurial foresight make him a leading figure in the luxury travel industry.

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  1. This is really worrying but what gets me most excited about Le Cheval Blanc is the signature fragrances. Straightaway I’m intrigued that it’s a masculine horse. Are macho notes going to dominate the fragrances? Is it going to be a bit too patchouli oil and heavy on the sandalwood?

    I’ve stayed at some hotels, where clearly a man has been in charging of sourcing toiletries and it’s all far too 1970s with Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan rubbing the Brut all over. You’re almost expecting the night manager to surf in on a tidal wave of Old Spice.

    And it’s not just me. I can remember soft-rock legend Mick Fleetwood, of Fleetwood Mac, saying that one of the reasons he still loves touring is because he gets excited about the little bottles of shampoo in the hotels.

  2. how do architects get their inspiration. atlantis royal is amazing I don’t know how they think it up

  3. Never got into massages. More appealing to me is the 2 day hiking pass at the Engelberg. Might be looking to add a few more days of hiking onto that.

  4. That picture of the Aman certainly looks like an escape from New York’s mayhem. But whenever I head up town towards Central Park it does feel as if things are calming down a bit.

  5. People in the UAE love a garden. If you’ve been to Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque so much of it is about the paradise of the gardens in the desert. Apart from at an oasis, the Bedouin hardly ever saw plants and trees.

    As someone who visited Dubai in the 1990s it’s incredible to see what an urban jungle it’s become. There should have been more greenery built in.

  6. You need somewhere like the Fairmont in LA. It’s a city that I have mixed feelings about, a love-hate relationship.

    LA is great but it does drain you, really saps your energy. A great hotel to recharge is non-negotiable.

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