8 of the most beautiful attractions in Aswan

Aswan is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. It’s located in the south of the country, and it’s famous for its magical historical sites, and amazing Nile Valley view. Every year tourists around the world come to Aswan to enjoy its splendid views and attractions. Aswan is also known for its warm weather all through the year. It has the hottest climate compared with other Egyptian cities, which makes it magical and splendid in all seasons. What are you waiting for? Take a break from work, and start packing for the most amazing trip of the year. Here are the most beautiful attractions in Aswan that you can’t miss.

1. Elephantine Island

Elephantine Island is one of Aswan’s main tourist attractions. Its southern end includes the site of ancient Abu and the Aswan Museum. The island was a trading and economic center in ancient Egypt. It lies opposite central Aswan, just north of the First Cataract. It’s full of palm tree plantations and sloping villages of colorful mud-brick houses.

On the eastern embankment close to the ruins of Abu is Aswan’s Nilometer, which Egyptians used to measure the Nile’s rise and fall, allowing them to estimate the height of the yearly flood and predict the success of their harvest. After exploring the ruins, you can head north into the island to discover the backstreets of the villages of Koti and Siou, where the houses are painted with beautiful colored designs. You can also take a rowboat to Kitchener’s Island (officially known as Aswan Botanical Gardens) from the boat landing on the western side of the island in Siou.

2. Nubian Museum

Nubian Museum is Egypt’s top and a must-see attraction for anyone who comes to Aswan. You can find a huge collection of beautiful artifacts from the Kingdom of Kush (Ancient Nubia). You will see a statue of Ramses II, a statue of Amenras, the head of the Shpatka, and the black granite head of Tahraqa, with a full explanation of the history of Nubia and its people, in addition, the ethnographic section displays amazing Nubian handicrafts and folk art. Don’t forget to visit the slumping mud-brick mausoleums of Aswan’s Fatimid cemetery, which are located right behind the Nubian Museum. The cemetery caretakers are always so pleased to take visitors on a tour and can refer to the most delightful mausoleums for you.

3. Abu Simbel

Take a one-day trip to Abu Simbel, which is built by Ramses II. Visit the two massive Abu Simbel temples, which are located on the western bank of Lake Nasser. The 66-foot figures of Ramses are set against the recessed face of the cliff, two on either side of the entrance to the main temple. Carved around their feet are small figures of Ramses’ children, his queen, Nefertari, and his mother, Muttuy. Abu Simbel is not only a victory of ancient architecture but also of modern engineering.

4. Philae Temple

Philae Temple is one of Upper Egypt’s most amusing monuments which is known for the wonderful artistry of its reliefs and for the amazing symmetry of its architecture, which makes it one of the best attractions in Aswan. It’s also known as the Temple of Isis. The temple was rescued like Abu Simbel by the rising waters of Lake Nasser by UNESCO’s rescue project and moved from its original place on Philae Island to nearby Agilika Island.

5. Unfinished Obelisk

If you are in Aswan, you must visit the famous Unfinished Obelisk which is a 41-meter-long and four-meter-wide chunk of stone that was abandoned because of a crack in the rock. Had it not been for a crack, the obelisk would have been 120 feet high and would have been the largest ever hewn. It displays the ancient use of stone carving techniques.

6. Old Cataract Hotel

Old Cataract Hotel is one of the most beautiful attractions in Aswan that is impossible to miss, especially if you are taking a sailing trip around Aswan. This hotel got very famous when Agatha Christie wrote part of her novel “Death on the Nile” while staying there, in addition, the hotel also featured in the movie based on the novel. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money to stay in the hotel because you can always go to its terrace and drink tea in the stunning views across the Nile.

7. Aswan High Dam

Aswan’s High Dam is considered the greatest achievement in modern Egypt which brought wonderful profits to the country such as providing electricity across the country and increasing the amount of arable land in Egypt. In addition, it put an end to the yearly Nile flood, which fertilized fields with its rich silt deposits.

8. Temple of Kom Ombo

Temple of Kom Ombo is a unique double temple in Aswan. It’s known for its double design. The courts, halls, and rooms inside the temple are duplicated for two gods. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility. While the northern part of the temple was dedicated to the falcon god Horus. The temple is irregular because everything is flawlessly symmetrical along the main axis.

Don’t miss any of these amazing attractions in Aswan, in order to have the best Aswan trip in your life. Whether you are visiting one or all of these beautiful sights, we guarantee that you will have the best experience in Aswan. Enjoy the amazing ancient monuments and the great Egyptian architecture when you come to this magical city.

Sherif Khalil is Owner of Dunes & Beyond. Dunes & Beyond offers luxury tours, Nile cruises and desert safaris in Egypt.

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Comments (10)

  1. Bob says:

    Perhaps I’ve watched too many Agatha Christie productions but I’ve always had a thing about staying at The Old Cataract Hotel. I’ve sailed past Elephantine Island on a felucca but that’s as close as I’ve got. That was great and really atmospheric.

    • Sherif Khalil says:

      Dear Bob,
      The Old Cataract Hotel is really amazing and may be this is your second chance to visit Elephantine Island especially soon it will be winter.
      looking forward to seeing you soon in Egypt.

      Sherif Khalil
      Managing Partner
      Dunes & Beyond Travel

  2. Fiona says:

    As a poor back-packing student I remember being outraged that I had to pay for an exit visa to get out of Egypt. There was a picture of Abu Simbel on the stamp and at the time I resented the extra charge.

    A few decades later I got to Abu Simbel, not back-packing this time, and was thankful that all those years earlier I had helped to contribute to the restoration of Sbu Simbel.

    • Sherif Khalil says:

      Dear Fiona,
      We really appreciate your contribution, and we would be more than happy to see you again and help you with anything.

      Sherif Khalil
      Managing Partner
      Dunes & Beyond Travel

  3. Lorraine Berry says:

    Does the Aswan High Dam need to be as high as it is?

    I’ve heard that in places the Nile’s waters are so low that the cruises can’t sail through.

    Is Egypt struggling to get all the water it needs?

    • Sherif Khalil says:

      Dear Lorraine,
      Actually, yes the High Dam needs to be that height
      The flood rises and falls during the year so it can cover the land and destroy the crops.
      And no my dear we aren’t struggling for water and all the credit goes to the High Dam.
      We hope to see you soon in Egypt and help you to discover all the outstanding features in Egypt.

      Sherif Khalil
      Managing Partner
      Dunes & Beyond Travel

  4. Julian Bird says:

    We went to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings for a week BC, before COVID, we had hoped to get to Aswan but there was so much around Luxor that we never ventured further. Now that I’ve read this I’m beginning to think that there’s enough to do around Aswan for a really good week’s holiday.

    • Sherif Khalil says:

      Dear Julian,
      we’re sorry that you had to miss Luxor and Aswan, indeed they deserve to be visited. however, Egypt now is safer especially with the new vaccines and really it would be our pleasure if we can help you in any way.
      we hope to see you soon.

      Sherif Khalil
      Managing Partner
      Dunes & Beyond Travel

  5. Marina Teramond says:

    To tell the truth, I have been pondering about a trip to Aswan for a long time because, as you said, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, but I have a lot of doubts and do not have enough clarity on how to spend time there with great use and pleasure. I can say that your article could spare me from these problems and take my breath away from all mentioned landmarks. All mentioned places inspired me through the screen but because of the fact that I adore temples I need to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo primary. The story of this architecture masterpiece was able to admire me and showed in what way this temple is unique. Also, I couldn’t leave the fact that this temple is irregular without attention because It definitely adds a twist to it. Thank you very much for these priceless selection!

  6. Sherif Khalil says:

    Dear Marina,
    It would be our pleasure to accommodate and help you in planing for your trip, please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.

    Sherif Khalil
    Managing Partner
    Dunes & Beyond Travel

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