Luxury car rental Barcelona
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Where to rent luxury cars in Barcelona

For those who love a bit of class and luxury, what’s more luxurious than driving a supercar down around Catalonia? From Ferraris to Maseratis, for hours or days, there’s plenty available. Renting a car also gives you the opportunity to explore further into Catalonia, the mountains, the Mediterranean sea, the beautiful countryside. Explore the Catalan coast; Sitges, Cadaqués, Costa Daurada or Tossa del Mar. Hiring a supercar gives you the opportunity to spend a day away from the city and really indulge yourself in the Catalan culture.

Luxury car rental Barcelona

You can even organise to get your dream car waiting for you when you arrive at Barcelona airport, or whatever chosen location you prefer. You can customise your car by type, brand, fuel, gear, seats and drive, so it really will be your perfect car. Take your prestige car to Park Güell to check out one of the world’s most impressive parks, and indulge in the panoramic view of the city. Take advantage of the comfort of your luxury car and make the most of Barcelona and its surroundings.

Luxury car rental Barcelona

Here are the top luxury car rental agencies in Barcelona.

Luxury Cars Barcelona

Whether it be a BMW, Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini, or Jeep Wrangler,Luxury Cars Barcelona have all of these and more! On their website you can find all the cars they offer, for example, if you’re looking to hire a Ferrari 488 spider, you can do so for €1200 per day. To apply you must give details of your name, email, passenger number, pick up location and destination. Luxury Cars Barcelona are the leading company in luxury car rental service and are ideal for special VIP trips and events, transport from the airport and for special occasions. They have a personalised, responsible and detailed service ensuring their customers are consistently satisfied.

Luxury car rental Barcelona


Driverso is another leading luxury car rental agency in Barcelona, they have a simple three step process for you to pick your dream car. You firstly choose from what is available on their website, this includes everything from mustangs, to Lotus’, Teslas, Rolls Royces and much more. You then reserve the car that you want, with the flexibility of changing your mind up to 3 days prior to the rental beginning. Following this, the service provider will contact you to clarify the delivery details, and the car will be delivered to the location that you wish on the date and time requested. Their website is very clear giving you all the information you need on hiring a luxury car and all the documents necessary to do so.

Luxury car rental Barcelona

Rent Luxe Car

Rent Luxe Carstyle is a premium rental car service renting out Audis, Bentleys, BMW’s and much more. Their website has cars available to rent per day beginning at €190 and many cars to choose from. With just your licence and ID, you can select the luxury car you’d like to rent, by clicking your favourite model to learn more about it. Press ‘rent now’ on the car you prefer, fill in your info and submit. That’s all you have to do to hire a luxury car.

Luxury car rental Barcelona

Elite Rent

If you’re looking for a service even more luxurious, with the option for high-end limousines, chauffeured services, driving tours, and prestige car rentals. This is also one of the few luxury rental services who have made available 0- emission electric vehicles for hire. They have been around since 1987 providing exceptional vehicles with an impressive comprehensive service. You can choose from over 600 luxury vehicles, specifying the model and colour of the car as well as the exact location you would like it delivered. You also can experience chauffeured services in luxury limousines with highly skilled drivers. Elite Rent is the perfect company for an extremely prestigious escape.

Luxury car rental Barcelona


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Rentium Cars

Rentium cars is another company specialising in the rental of luxury vehicles and sports car services in Spain. They also rent cars in Portugal, Andorra, France and Monaco. Rentium has years of experience and the opinion of their clients representing them as a leading company in the luxury car sector. They offer some of the most luxurious vehicles owned by prestigious brands and have the newest models on the market. They offer delivery and collection anywhere in Europe. Rent a ford mustang convertible here from only €400 or a Ferrari Portofino for €1,500. This is the company you want to go for if you want every detail taken care of for you so the only thing you need to worry about is enjoying their luxury vehicles.

Luxury car rental Barcelona


Driving the supercar of your dreams couldn’t be easier with drivemebarcelona. They don’t just offer out a rental service, they have city tours, experience packs and road routes. For the city tours you are given a route, either Barceloneta, Montjuic or the Tibidabo. The routes vary from 20 to 90 minutes, and they are designed for you to enjoy driving a supercar with an expert guide by your side. For the experience packs, you will find incredible packages which give you the opportunity to drive a supercar but also experience another exciting activity. They offer a drive with sailing, a drive with a helicopter ride or a drive with a jet ski ride. The perfect idea for an adrenaline filled day. The road routes available give you a better chance of experiencing driving a supercar. The routes can either include the Penedès and the Vineyards, Sitges and the Coast, or Montserrat and the Mountains. They are all 4 hours long and cost €799. The company also has circuits and virtual realities for those who want to try something different.

Luxury car rental Barcelona

Sandra Roig is Marketing Director at AB Apartment Barcelona. AB Apartment Barcelona is an apartment rental agency offering over one thousand short and long term apartments across Barcelona.

If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Sandra Roig

Sandra Roig is Marketing Director at AB Apartment Barcelona. AB Apartment Barcelona is an apartment rental agency offering over one thousand short and long term apartments across Barcelona. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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