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Top golf holes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

As Albuquerque, New Mexico sits at 5,000 feet in a high desert, expect some interesting golf holes. The terrain runs through hills, canyons and ridges with the golf courses and hills often shielded from view until you arrive at the course. The best golf holes are clustered at two of the premier courses in the area, Sandi Resort and Twin Warriors. The reason? Consistently great conditions, impressive pro shops, expansive practice facilities and unmatched terrain and nuances.

Sandia Resort #1

This relatively short par 4 at 380 yards, with an upward slope and the slight direction change to the green. Definitely an early morning stunner with the sun coming over the mountains, which makes that tee shot a little bit distracted. An uphill second or third shot is not difficult, but like one to two clubs longer than the actual distance.

Sandia Resort #18

While most courses make getting home relatively easy, Sandia #18 is a longer than average par 4, playing 505 from the back tees. The challenge is not only lengyj, but a large bunker mound in the middle of the fairway that will catch long tee shots. The result is a punch over the mound with a still long short iron. And you can’t see the green from the tee box, which adds to your aiming dilemma.

Sandia Resort #5

This golf hole seems to go on forever, and for good reason, it is 662 yards from the back tees. Getting to the fairway off the box is just the start, it is going to take two more herculean shots to get to the green. Bunkers galore on your journey to putting, with a long desert waste area that runs the last 200 yards to the green.


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Twin Warriors #4

With this par 3 you get a stunning view, yet that hides the extremely thick rough around the green. Shots just off the green are likely to be two or three chips out of the sticky grass. And, if the flag is in the front, and you are long, expect the downhill put to go into third gear before it stops.

Twin Warriors #10

At 483 yards from the back, this par 4 has plenty of distance challenge as it goes uphill to the landing area. The real trick here is picking a visual landing spot over the hill. You have to do that in your mind as the landing area is just over the hill starting at 225 yards from the tee box.

Twin Warriors #15

This long par 3 plays on the side of Snake Head Mountain, so balls off to the left of the grass are very unlikely to be found. While a down hill shot, at 244 yards from the back, the ball will not make unless you land on the green. While the green slopes upward to the west, the front of the green and right side slope away from the green, so balls that are short end up a bit shorter. If you can find them.

Neil Wolkodoff

Neil Wolkodoff is a golf and travel writer from Denver, Colorado. He covers golf, dining, activities and accommodations from the luxury and unique perspective. He has even been golfing with goats.

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  1. I’d never really thought of Albuquerque as a golfing destination. Having read this, I think it’s time to think again. New Mexico’s got plenty to challenge us golfers.

    1. Joe, there is a good abundance of high desert golf in the area. ABQ as some call it, has it’s share of very good golf courses.

  2. Great holes – is there anything more controversial in golf to get a conversation going?

    If one day we get a birdie at a hole, suddenly our confidence is boosted and we gain affection for that hole. Though if on another hole we get a triple bogey it’s as if the Devil himself designed the hole.

  3. Having lived there for 20+ Years I can tell you Golf is one of the big reasons to live there. Lots of really nice inexpensive courses, and then you get to go eat Red and Green Chile when you’re done ;)

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