6 questions to ask yourself when choosing a wellness holiday

Amid our hectic modern lives, the quest for holistic well-being has taken centre stage. For us, true well-being doesn’t just come from juice cleanses and meditating all the time. Instead, we believe it can also come from meaningful experiences that can help you rebalance, and reconnect with yourself–and with nature. A wellness holiday presents a zone of tranquillity, offering us an opportunity to reset, revitalize, and be renewed. However, choosing the perfect wellness holiday for you can be quite tricky. Here, we will delve into six essential questions you should ask yourself when deciding on your ideal wellness escape.

1. What are my wellness goals?

The first step on this transformative journey involves some introspection, so make some time to relax and really get into the mind space of focusing on your wellness goals. It could be just one thing or a combination of several. Are you determined to some weight or get on the right track towards fitness? Do you crave stress reduction, pampering, and relaxing therapies to alleviate physical pains? Are you on a mission to refine your dietary habits or improve your sleep patterns to help your body heal naturally? Perhaps the goal is to nurture your mental health or immerse yourself in the realm of mindfulness and spiritual growth. Maybe you just want to have a holiday where you can feel free to do as much or as little as you want because you deserve it. Defining your goals can help you identify the kind of wellness program that resonates with your innermost desires.

2. What do I want to do during my wellness holiday?

You might be surprised by just how extensive and jam-packed some wellness retreat activities and schedules are. So, what would you like to do? Ask yourself if you prefer a carefully planned schedule for the day, or if you want to have the option to choose which therapies and activities you’d like to engage in. It’s still a holiday, after all, and finding one that doesn’t restrict you might be something you enjoy more. Ask yourself… Is it the graceful flow of yoga or the meditative artistry of tai chi that calls you? Do you yearn for indulgent pampering through luxurious massages and rejuvenating spa treatments? Is detoxification on your agenda, with holistic diets and reinvigorating juice cleanses? Or do you simply crave some time and space to explore a new destination or go after your creative pursuits? While wellness is the overarching theme, balance lies in also allowing yourself to wander and be free to explore while on holiday.

3. Where do I want to go?

Mother Nature, with her bountiful offerings, often proves to be the perfect accomplice for wellness pursuits. Do you envision yourself amidst the majestic serenity of mountain landscapes—misty mornings and plenty of cool fresh air? Perhaps you love the rhythmic flow of ocean waves and the soft touch of sand beneath your feet. You may also be drawn to ancient forests teeming with life—awakening the explorer within you! Take time to ask yourself where you’d feel most relaxed, grounded, and enlivened too. Your choice of location serves as the foundation upon which your wellness transformation will unfold.

4. Where will I be staying?

There is an abundance of options to consider. Will it be an opulent luxury hotel that indulges your senses with lavish 5-star comforts? Or does the charm of a boutique hotel, with its intimate ambience and personalized service appeal more to you? A popular choice for this kind of holiday is a wellness-oriented resort or hotel, where every corner is designed to nurture your well-being. These specialized resorts have a wide array of health-inspired activities and experiences designed specifically with your relaxation in mind. In addition to accommodations, consider the supporting amenities available, such as on-site spas, state-of-the-art gyms, inviting pools, saunas, steam rooms, and nourishing dining options for an all-encompassing stay. Your choice of lodging should align harmoniously with your wellness aspirations.


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5. When is the best time for me to go?

The timing of your wellness retreat is important for more than just the obvious reason. First and foremost, consider the climate and season of your chosen destination, as this will significantly impact your overall experience. On a deeper level, each season of the year offers a unique tapestry of experiences and aligns with your different wellness needs. For instance, the early months of the year may be the perfect opportunity to help shed those holiday pounds or kickstart a fitness regimen. As the year unfolds, the middle months may resonate with stress reduction, mindfulness, yoga retreats, and detox programs. Toward the end of the year, you may want to consider the prospect of retreats focused on sleep enhancement, diet evaluation and improvement, or anti-ageing and rejuvenating regimens. Remember, however, that self-care knows no season and ought to be a year-round endeavour.

6. What’s included in my wellness holiday?

The logistical details of your wellness journey require meticulous attention. Many wellness retreats offer all-inclusive packages that encompass a wide spectrum of services, so it’s important to review what you are expecting to be included or specify what you’d rather not have. From seamless airport transfers to carefully curated accommodations and an array of rejuvenating treatments, there are packages that ensure a worry-free experience. Moreover, some retreats extend their hospitality to include meals and other enticing perks within pre-designed itineraries. Ideally, all that should be left for you to do is relax. Our suggestion? A bespoke multi-destination wellness holiday, tailor-made to your unique preferences that allows you to give attention to your wellbeing while having the luxury to explore and discover your location of choice. In this scenario, your needs and preferences take centre stage, and every aspect of your holiday—from activities to destinations—is crafted to help you find your balance.

In conclusion, embarking on a wellness holiday is a gift you bestow upon yourself—a precious opportunity to prioritize self-care and embark on a journey of lasting rejuvenation. By thoughtfully considering these questions, you pave the way for a wellness retreat that resonates with your desires and aspirations, ensuring that your escape is nothing short of an extraordinary and enriching experience.

Mat Lewis is Co-Founder & CEO of View Retreats. View Retreats is a luxury travel agency offering a handpicked collection of the world’s best hotels, resorts and villas.

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Mat Lewis

Mat Lewis is a co-founder of View Retreats and has been in the travel and hospitality industry for over two decades. He established View Retreats in 2013 in Australia as a specialist platform for luxury hotels, resorts and one-of-a-kind havens of relaxation where unforgettable travel memories are made. The online travel company now features over 5,000 properties in more than 120 countries worldwide. Mat is a self-confessed travel junkie who has lived in Asia, the UK and Europe, and currently resides in the beautiful Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia. He loves fine wines and local culinary creations that tell the story of the land. His epicurean tastes don’t get in the way of enjoying life’s simpler pleasures though, and he enjoys gardening, bush-walking, and exciting street food flavours too!

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    1. I hear you Sally! I believe that it’s all about balance and it should be tailored to what you really enjoy rather than what you may feel you ‘need’ to do to stay healthy.

  1. To be honest deciding what you really want from any trip is a good idea. Too often I’ve wanted to pack in too much and end up disappointed.

    1. Absolutely agree Kate. I’ve been guilty of that myself too. It’s often better to just see less places but see (and experience) them really well.

    2. That sounds like my wife. We did a wellness break and I only ever saw her at meal times.

      I only scheduled one session a day and spent a lot of time by the pool and walking along the beach. I also really enjoyed my 3 books.

      Although my wife would never admit it, I think my wellness was in better shape than hers at the end of the week.

    3. Each person had their own version of wellness but I’m on the same page as you – a nice and relaxing pace is what I’d be after too. And isn’t reading on a holiday the best!

  2. My other great piece of advice would be not to rush into any decisions on where you are going and what you’re doing. It’s always too easy to be carried along by gushing websites with glossy images. I usually build in my own cooking off period, making a decision and then sleeping on it for a few days before finally making my booking.

    1. Absolutely, you don’t want to rush into anything at all before you’re really clear on what kind of holiday you’re after. Great advice Caroline.

  3. 100% in agreement with what you say about balance and allowing yourself some freedom to explore. After all how can you plan your time at a place before you know what’s there if it’s your first time there?

    I’ve made the mistake of over planning when I’m on holiday and it felt as if I were back at work racing from one appointment to the next. It was a huge mistake.

    1. I agree Grace. I’ve heard so many people say that where they feel like they need a holiday after a holiday because all they did was go go go. I think this is why we’re seeing the rise of slow travel and really immersing yourself by lingering longer in the one spot.

  4. You’ve put together a very thoughtful definition of wellness at the beginning.

    I’ve always found that the benefits and memories of my best wellness holidays linger on and stay with me.

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