The top 5 bucket list items in African travel


You know that South Africa recently hosted the World Cup and this led to a tremendous amount of improvement in things like transportation and infrastructure for a lot of Africa. Most of its key cities are now well connected and modernized. This, however, is not the reason that Africa should be on all travellers’ bucket lists. Instead, it is because it is a destination that is easily one of the most deceptively luxurious to visit. It is home to amazing natural wonders, multiple cultures, and a tremendous amount of beauty.

If you are heading to Africa, there is a tremendous number of bucket list things to see or do, but our top five would always have to include:

1. A wine tasting tour in South Africa – home to vineyards dating to the 1600s, the Winelands region is a short drive outside of Cape Town and home to unique towns and scenic valleys. You can sip some of the same vintages that Napoleon once enjoyed and you can pair up your wine tasting with some chocolate sampling as well as some amazing foods;

2. Safari – yes, this may seem like an obvious bucket list item, but all safaris are not alike. We suggest that you skip the pre-packaged “tourist” excursions and work with a company that offers luxury options. This is the only way to safari! You might get to ride on horseback instead of by vehicles, you might find a place in which the animals live in a preserve and can interact with you, and you may even find options in which kids can join in on the fun safely and easily. The point is to get yourself out into the African wilderness and really experience a few days in the bush or at the sea;

3. Speaking of the sea.. – African coastal areas are diverse and unique, but they are all beautiful. Whether you sneak away to some of Kenya’s somewhat secluded beaches, or to the gorgeous white sands ofá northern Tanzania, the point is to find a way to head to the beaches and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings;

4. Look for the lesser known – places like Zambia and Malawi are not remote or “off the map,” but they are among the lesser known destinations. This is one of the reasons that they are great choices for anyone looking for top of the line treatment. Because these countries don’t get the floods of tourists that Kenya or South Africa attracts, they are ready to pamper couples or large groups all travelling together. The best bonus about this is that they have some of the most beautiful sights and destinations too; and

5. Cape Town – old and historic, this South African city is modern and yet very Old-World. It is a place of cultural diversity and a remarkably convenient location from which to base a wholeá host of “bucket list” adventures!

Alexandra Matts is a Director atáExsus.

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  1. Hcorver says:

    South Africa hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup – Soccer/ Football , SA never hosted the Olympics….

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you to everyone (some of you e-mailed) for alerting me to the error in this guest post. I have corrected the opening sentence accordingly.

  3. Hcorver says:

    It would be great if SA could host the Olymics one day though!

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