'A clean sweep' in the search engines... almost!

GoogleI’m usually too busy to check on the search engine rankings for this site. The last time was back in July when I was ranking #1 or #2 for searches for ‘luxury travel blog’ on all the major search engines except Google. Now  A Luxury Travel Blog  holds #1 rankings  on all those search engines, except a #2 placement  in Google (second to the very popular blogging portal, Technorati).   Being the sort who’s never satisfied with second, I’ll  just keep plugging  away.

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  1. well, this means you´re doing a great job!

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you, Eduardo. It’s certainly encouraging. Of course, there’s no stopping here. Once I’ve fully mastered across-the-board #1 placements for ‘luxury travel blog’, I need to focus on becoming more competitive for the much harder term of just ‘luxury travel’. That will be a real challenge given the competition that’s out there.


  3. […] When I last did an update on the search engine performance of A Luxury Travel Blog, it was positioned #1 for search for ‘luxury travel blog’ on every search engine bar Google where it took the #2 spot.  I’m pleased to reveal that that’s now changed and it now achieves a clean sweep of #1 positions across all the major search engines.  The challenge is now on, therefore, to get good search engine rankings for the much more popular (but also much more competitive term) of simply ‘luxury travel’. On Google, A Luxury Travel Blog is currently #61 (out of 37.6 million) for this search term.  Pretty good… but not yet good enough!  I shall be striving to get a top 10 placement although it’s certainly not going to be easy. Possibly related posts: […]

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