The most expensive meal in the world?

Epicurean Masters of the World15 paying customers and 25 invited guests  received a $1m bill  (yes, you read that right – $1,000,000) for a meal in a Bangkok hotel this month.   They jetted in from all over the world and enjoyed a charity  evening  dubbed “Epicurean Masters of the World” on the 65th floor of the Lebua Hotel at the State Tower, with the food  prepared by no less than six three-star Michelin chefs from France, Italy and Germany.  The 10-course  dinner  began with  a crème brûlée of foie gras with Tonga beans, a signature dish  prepared by Alain Solivérès of Taillevent in Paris.   The menu also included Kobe beef, Brittany lobster, Beluga caviar, Perigord truffles and many other gourmet delights. The wines alone came to around $100,000. The two charities benefitting from this remarkable event were Médecins Sans Frontières and the Chaipattana Foundation, a rural development charity set up by the King of Thailand.

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  1. gje says:


    You drew my attention with this post and soon you will understand why, but look for the real price which is US $ 25,000.- :-)


  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Hello Guido

    That’s per a person, yes?

    So for 40 people… $1m…. or have I missed something?


  3. gje says:

    Well no, not if you put it that way, but my first reading impression was they got a bill of $1m each and not of THB 1m.
    Shameless expensive anyway :-)

  4. […] According to the Mail & Guardian, Bangkok is achieving a growing reputation as a centre for the gourmet lifestyle that could soon rival the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. The city already hosted the Epicurean Masters of the World event which I blogged about earlier this year, and will host the World Gourmet Festival in September, at the Four Seasons Hotel. A return of the Gourmet Asia event also looks to be on the cards. Possibly related posts: […]

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