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The L-List

Calling all luxury bloggers!

Inspired by the recent  T-List that’s doing the rounds, I thought it’s Listabout time we started an L-List.   As you may have guessed, L-List stands for Luxury List, and it provides luxury bloggers a means of being discovered.  You might be blogging about any aspect of the luxury arena… cars… fashion… food and wine… travel… whatever. My goal is simple: I want the  hard work of many  luxury bloggers out there (Allison, Ava, Courtney, Deidre, Mary, Nicole, etc. – note to self: where are all the male luxury bloggers?!)  to be recognised and hopefully the L-List can help in achieving that.

If you’re a  luxury blogger, here’s what you need to do:

– Write a post.
– Copy/paste the link list (and these instructions!) from the post you’ve discovered the L-List into it.
– Make sure the links are active and correct.
– If your blog is on the list, remove it…  it’s not a self-promotion post. As Tim Fehlman (Z-List) said : “Don’t worry, because if your name is on mine, it’s on others and will spread.”
Add your favourite  luxury blogs on to the list.
– Add the  URL of the blog where you’ve discovered the L-List as well.
– Publish the post.
– People will notice the L-List and continue it.

OK… here’s the list:

B Glam
Deluxe Blog.it
Good Luck Deluxe
High Chic
Janus Thinking
Living the Luxe Life
Luxury Home Digest
Luxury Housing Trends
Luxury Portfolio
Luxury Reviewer
Restaurant Girl
Social Diva
Tango Diva
The Delicious Life
The Informed Traveler
The Lobby
Wine Goddess

Your turn!

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Hello Nuria

    Thank you for your kind words. I must confess I hadn’t seen your excellent blog before. My Spanish is a little limited sadly, but I enjoyed the pictures and the little snippets of text that I was able to translate.

    Please include The L-List on your blog when you have chance. By doing so, eslux.com will be included when people pick up the list via your blog.



  2. Hi Lilly

    Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment. Oh… and I knew I wasn’t the only male luxury blogger out there… but we do interestingly seem to be in a minority.

    May I ask that you publish “The L-List” on the Luxury Portfolio blog? The more we get the list out there from the start, the quicker we can all benefit.

    Thank you,


  3. No male bloggers in luxury travel? Oh, Paul. I believe you even interviewed me at one point, didn’t you?

    I’m offended.

    Well, not really. Think I’ll join the L-List circle though. Thanks for putting that together.

  4. Hi Randy!

    Ha, ha… you are twisting my words! As I think you know, I was merely commenting on the apparently disproportionate number of male to female luxury bloggers. Maybe it’s my imagination but it does strike me that there’s a slight imbalance, particularly when you consider that a 2004 study found that 57% of all bloggers are apparently male.

    Anyway, moving on… thank you for publishing – and adding to – the list. It’s slowly starting to do the rounds now.


  5. Very interesting, my only comment would be the inclusion of Born Rich and Luxury Launches. Both blogs are based in India and frequently copy paste stuff from other sites. Some of their stories have nothing to do with luxury. Other than that well done.

  6. Hello Jeff, and thanks for dropping by. I must confess to being ignorant of what you say about those two blogs – I’ve struck them from the list for now but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are added by someone else at a later date.

    May I ask… are you a blogger yourself, or just a reader of blogs?


  7. I am not a blogger just an avid reader of many of the blogs you mentioned. I noticed that Luxury Launches even copied the colors of Sybarites which is pretty interesting. Also you missed out TimeZone which is a daily read for me, yes I know it is not a blog but still a very good news source.

  8. Comments usually go to moderation, unless the author has had a few previously-approved comments. This should mean that yours appear immediately… have you posted some comments but not seen them appear?


  9. This is a FANTASTIC idea Paul. We’ve posted the list and added one. Can’t wait to watch the list grow in length and distribution. Thanks for including GourmetStation!

  10. I must admit, Guido, I’ve never really worked out trackbacks and pinging, and so on. I’m sure the information explaining it all is out there, but it’s not something I’ve ever studied. Should I be giving it more attention?

    As for ‘askimet’, I’ve heard of that, but have no idea what it is!


  11. Hi Paul,

    we would like to thank you for including us in the L-List. As you can guess our blog is in italian and we haven’t many foreigner readers. Your List gives us the opportunity to achieve a larger audience. We will publish the List on our blog in next days.

    Gianluca Pezzi – Deluxeblog.it

  12. Hello Gianluca and thank you for dropping by. I must confess that my Italian isn’t up to much, but I have nevertheless visited your blog on a number of occasions and enjoy those bits that I can understand!

    Thank you for publishing the list… I look forward to seeing what blogs you add.

    Kind regards


  13. An excellent idea I must say. I’ve also added it to my blog, I would love to see how big this list gets!

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