Ameya Preserve, Paradise Valley, Montana

Ameya PreserveBuilt on a pristine 11,000-acre property in Montana’s majestic Paradise Valley, the new Ameya Preserve  is a complete, sustainable ecosystem with a limited number of residences. Located 48 miles from Yellowstone National Park,  it sits on the northern edge of the Gallatin Mountains and overlooks the Paradise Valley, the Yellowstone River and the peaks of the Absaroka Mountains.   At Ameya, there will be more than 20 acres ponds and lakes and 60 miles of trails, as well as an equestrian centre.

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  1. Bill Taylor says:

    Saw the developer ‘pitch’ for the project. Impressive speaker (Mr. Dokken). Nothing is built there yet, and it seems awfully promotional. (Buy first, deliver it later, hopefully) Big Sky is way too far away to use Ameya for a winter home, and there isn’t really golf of quality nearby, but to hang with Maya Angelou and Alice Waters for the summer might be cool, (you can keep the symphony stuff please) although it is unclear if that would really happen.

  2. Ted Leight says:

    Buyer Beware – that is advice worth heeding. Yes, the advertising is “awfully promotional.” Readers of this blog would be well served search on Ameya at the Ethicurean or Gristmill blog sites: or

    When local residents question the validity of Ameya’s promotional material, their behavior was attributed to “class envy.” ( Wade Dokken has such a way with words. One can only wonder if all of his supposed partners feel the same way about inquisitive minds. However, you can, and should, check all of this our for yourselves at the above websites.

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