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Luxury hotels in Greenland? Yes, they do exist!

Hotel Arctic iglooGreenland is one of the few places that I can tell people I’ve been to and  be quietly confident that they probably haven’t. It rarely gets covered in the travel press, so a recent mention on MSNBC naturally caught my eye. With doubles starting from $270 a night at Ilulissat’s four star Hotel Arctic, this is about as luxurious as you’ll get in Greenland. As well as staying in the hotel, you can be accommodated in one of their aluminium igloos overlooking Disko Bay.  An array of  folk has  stayed there, including the likes of the Icelandic-born singer  Björk  and the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson. Alternatively, there’s Hotel Kangerlussuaq (where I have spent one night) – close to the Arctic Circle –  which starts at $240 a night for a double.   It’s not all that luxurious by the standards of some parts of the world, perhaps,  but ultra-luxurious when you compare it with camping outside at sub-zero temperatures! (Click here to see an interview of Matt Lauer and video footage that accompanies the article.)

Paul Johnson

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  1. Hi there.

    I’m researching Greenland. Isn’t there a hotel out there that looks just like the ION hotel in Iceland – only built by a local female architect? I can’t find it anywhere….. Any ideas? Nikki

    1. Hi Nikola

      I have been to Greenland a couple of times, but not for a while now and each time to the same area.

      If there is, I’m afraid I don’t know it. Are you perhaps referring to Octala in Finland? I haven’t been and couldn’t tell you whether it’s a female architect, but I believe there could be some similarities.

      Kind regards


    2. Maybe I have got them totally confused? Did a local woman build ION in Iceland? I swear I read a long article about one that was on the water and built by a female but I thought it was Greenland. It’s not Octala :( More research coming up….. Nikki

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