Spa V Happy Hour

Spa VStarting today, Hotel Victor in Miami will be hosting a Spa Happy Hour event every Wednesday at the Spa V Lounge from 5pm to 9pm.   During this time, guests can rejuvenate and recharge their batteries by indulging in petit spa treatments while sipping Champagne and tasting delicious food from Vix Restaurant. Here’s the Spa V Happy Hour menu:

20-Minute Spa Treatments, $40:

*  Neck and Shoulder Massage: Melts away stress and muscle pain
*  Blackberry Addict: Eases tension in the hand, wrist and arm muscles.
*  Petit Visage: Customized to suit your individual skin needs.
*  High Heels Relief: Relieves pain and promotes blood circulation in the lower leg and feet muscles.
*  Poitrine: French treatment of the décolleté, incorporates gentle exfoliation, soothing lymphatic drainage massage and firming mask on that delicate area of the body that is often forgotten.
*  Quickie Pedi: You will walk on air in no time.

Spa V Extras
Special Guest: Andres Bustillo, MD, FACS*
Botox Injections:  
  Single Area $300 (Coming Soon)
  Full Face:     $550 (Coming Soon)

Botox Special: Share the price of one Full Face Botox with two or three friends

CHANEL Make Up Application and Consultation

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