Sheraton Hotels and Four Points by Sheraton Hotels to go smoke free

No smokingSheraton Hotels and Four Points by Sheraton Hotels has announced that all of their smoking rooms will become non-smoking by the end of 2008.   This affects  more than  300 properties and some 8,000 rooms across the US, Canada and the  Caribbean.

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  1. Kendal H says:

    Unfortunately, some of their non renovated, previous smoking rooms still smell.

  2. Kay says:

    I can understand people not liking the smell of stale smoke, but a lot of people still do smoke. That’s why most hotels offer the option of smoking or non-smoking rooms. They usually ask for preferences at the time of booking.

    I can accept where I can and can’t smoke – and the rules everywhere are getting stricter all the time. But I still have some choice available, and I wouldn’t choose to stay in a non-smoking hotel.

    It’s a bit cheeky, though, to give you a room that stinks of smoke when you’ve asked for non-smoking room. I stayed in a hotel in Thailand (which I won’t name) which tried to put us into a non-smoking room. I said I didn’t want it.

    “Oh, that’s OK”, said the porter and pulled an ashtray out of a drawer. LOL!

  3. irene says:

    I’m with Kendal on this one, there is nothing worse than requesting a non smoking room and getting one that smells of smoke, I understand that smokers wish to smoke and that there should be a choice. But can’t stand being put in a smokers room. !

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