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There are a couple of semi-new travel sites that I would like to give a mention.   As you may well know, there has been a growing tendancy towards user-generated content with many sites, particularly in the travel arena.   As I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing quite like  ‘hearing it from the horse’s mouth’ as opposed to just reading a well-crafted, glossy brochure.   Indagare and Fabsearch are two such sites that are showing promise, and appear to be catering well for the more upmarket traveller.   With sites like these, you can hear directly from people who have been to (or even who live in) destinations that you are considering.   You can get first-hand opinions on hotel accommodation, retaurants, shopping and more.   Take a look, and please post a comment telling us what you think.

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  1. Free says:

    thanks a lot…will check them out!

  2. Nick P says:

    Indagare looks like a cool site at first glance, but very annoying the way it asks for your e-mail to go further and then even when you put it in it still blocks you…..I’m surprised you recommended it.

    Fabsearch needs some work on the presentation but the content looks pretty good.

  3. Lainie B says:

    I prefer Indagare’s concept because not anyone can post or view. That’s my problem with tripadvisor.com. You have no idea who you are listening to and the horse whose mouth somethings coming from makes a difference to me. Fabsearch just looks like an index. Also, I love the look of indagare.com.

  4. I joined Indagare last year shortly after its debut and find it to be a fabulous source of insider information. Do understand that it is a members only site with annual memberships ranging from $250-1200 USD. That said, it is well worth the investment for sophisticated travelers who want travel intelligence that goes beyond the standard guidebook fare. Especially useful for those who hire private guides and enjoy villa rentals.

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