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Unique Spa Ritual introduced at Six Senses Destination Spa – Phuket

In keeping with the Six Senses Our Way philosophy – where each guest receives caring, individual attention and a tailor-made experience –  the multi-award-winning wellness retreat Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket, has introduced a unique pre-treatment spa ritual called Jaak Jai or From the Heart. More than anywhere else within Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket, The 7th Sense wellness centre creates a highly personal experience where the pinnacle of a guest’s wellbeing is reached by engaging the six senses of touch, sight, sound, smell, taste and intuition, simultaneously. Thai language can be considered to be an analytic language, with the word Jaak meaning from and the word Jai meaning heart or mind. This is different from the Western definition where the mind tends to be viewed as being the rational component and the heart as being the more emotional component of oneself. This distinction has not made its way into the Thai language. As a consequence there are over seven hundred expressions involving the word Jai, making it a significant word that is used daily in Thai vocabulary. Jaak Jai therefore means from the heart or with a clear and pure mind. To ensure The 7th Sense experience represents the Jaak Jai philosophy, every treatment room has a small symbolic wooden heart composed of two halves. Prior to each treatment, each therapist holds one of the halves and takes five minutes to focus and cleanse their mind. During the first two minutes the focus is on breathing – breathe in pure white light and energy, breathe out black smoke and negative energy. The white light represents positive feelings of kindness, good, happiness, joy, fun and laughter. The black smoke represents negative feelings of anger, nervousness, frustration and sadness. Next, the therapist focuses on the positive aspects they would like to share with the guest and how they can transmit the positive energy to make the guest experience a soothing, calming and blissful moment of total wellbeing. To finish, the therapist completes the symbolic heart by using the second half, thereby symbolising the union of heart and mind and preparing the guest to enter an important moment of wellbeing. The Jaak Jai spa ritual makes guest’s experiences more special and ensures treatments not only go beyond a sense of touch but also engage all six senses, culminating in a unique 7th Sense experience.

Paul Johnson

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