Alice Springs Camel Cup, Northern Territory

Fancy seeing camels being raced up a dry riverbed? That’s exactly what happens at the now famous annual Alice Springs Camel Cup which will take place tomorrow. A must see event; visitors can watch brave/crazy riders whizz past on the temperamental and unpredictable camels. Created in 1970 as a way to settle a bet between friends, camel racing up the bed of the Todd River is day of pure fun. Punters can vote for the prettiest camel and both Mr Camel Cup and Miss Camel Cup are crowned on the day – after some camel comedy!

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  1. vernon says:

    After watching your camel racing you should make sure you visit New Zealand as it is only a few hours flight away from Australia.

  2. MIchael says:

    Knowing that a great number of younger, more budget oriented, travelers have significant interest in Queensland and other destinations in Australia, do you feel that there is still room for Australia to brand itself as a luxury destination. If so, where do you feel those destinations are in Australia?

  3. Sure sounds like a great deal of fun. Must take a bit of guts to race in one of those beasts. I’d love to check out these camel races in Alice Springs when I get a chance to visit Australia next year.

  4. irene says:

    i missed this the last time i was in alice springs but everyone says it is a fantastic day. maybe the next time.

    i must say to michael that there are so many luxury places to stay in Australia the lists is endless throughtout the country and the fine dining and luxury experiences are plenty. there is room for every type of traveller in australia.

  5. Emily M says:

    Sounds great fun would like to see that, I wonder what training the camels undergo? ha ha tI’ve heard they aren’t always the most obliging of animals!

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