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Google Street View coverage extends to Antarctica!

Well, I never… Google Street View now covers every continent on the globe, having published footage from Antarctica. Admittedly, the coverage of our southernmost continent is modest, but they have now made imagery from an area called Half Moon Island live. You can view it by clicking here and here.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Haha thats awesome! I love the little penguin on the arrow instead of a person :)) Best street view yet

  2. Great that Google removes unwanted pictures from steet view!

    But why is nobody rioting against Google refusing to remove unwanted search results (which simply can´t be removed because e.g. they are on a Russian or Chinese website). Google could charge a fee for this service to block specific search results (since they are not responsible for the content of other websites) and earn some nice additional cash $$$$ Technically it would surely be possible but Google simply refuses.

    What are our data and privacy protectionists doing???????

  3. I’m a bit confused by your comment, Jim.

    Any website owner has the ability to opt out of having their site spidered by Google if they so wish.

    Thereafter, Google just tries to deliver the best results that it can. If you don’t like the results that you get from the search engine, then you are free to use another.

    Also, if you use your Google Account when you search, I believe that not clicking on search results that you don’t want will ultimately help it to deliver results that are more relevant for you.

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