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Top 10 European food and wine destinations

Another ‘top 10’ from Tripadvisor, and this time it’s Europe’s top 10 food and wine destinations. Again, as with previous Tripadvisor top 10s, Italy fares well, and – perhaps unsurprisingly – France has a dominant presence also.  In fact, there’s only one entry in the top 10 that isn’t from those two countries. Here’s the list: 1. Florence, Italy 2. Siena, Italy 3. Bordeaux, France 4. Montepulciano, Italy 5. San Gimignano, Italy 6. San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain 7. Paris, France 8. Bologna, Italy 9. Rome, Italy 10. Lyon, France

Paul Johnson

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  1. No mention of London?! Now that does surprise me. Also villages like Bray would be foodie heaven too since the Roux brothers and Heston Blumenthal are based there.

    Mind you, sorry to be boring, but Heston Blumenthal’s cooking doesn’t really appeal to me. I would rather eat a meal than a scientific experiment.

  2. I find it rather unusual that only one of the top 10 European food and wine destinations is in Spain, when Spain is internationally reknown for its wines and food (think Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra, Rias Baixas, Penedés, etc and then paella, gazpacho, tapas, fabada, fresh fish, etc.)

  3. i’m not surprised italy has so mnay entries in this, i am just recently back from a trip round italy and the food and drink was divine, i am sure i have put on weight. one of the best was a tiny restaurant at the bottom of the cliffs just outside praiano on the amalfi coast called il pirata, the bar was a cave in the rock – very fab!

  4. Lyon and Paris are no brainers, but the list lacks creativity. The Loire Valley presents some fabulous wines (some Chinons from top producers or Jasnieres), with many gourmet havens tucked away in villages, off the beaten track, at half the Paris price for twice the quality and gentility.
    The interest in a list like the top 10 is to learn something new, I would have thought…

  5. Well, I guess it goes with what the responders expect from a food city (novelty? classic food? great value food?). It is hard to give an opinion on such survey, since we all have our definition of a food city.

  6. i have to agree with kay that i am surprised that london is not on the list – there are so many great restaurants right across the board, really something for everyone with plenty of variety & price ranges!

  7. hmm, I feel I may be going against the grain in saying this, but London doesn’t strike me as the best place for food and wine in Europe (or at least not for the ‘and wine’ part of the statement)… I love the restaurant scene in London and places like Vinoteca and Ambassador are great to pick up a nice bottle.. but it’s not as if we have many indigenous wines of our own. And the ones we do have (i’m thinking of the Kent producers), I’ve yet to see on London menus.

    I agree more diversity would stir up the list a bit. But I must admit one of my favourite places to gulp and gobble my way through a lazy weekend is Bergamo, Italy. Maybe it’s the alpine air in that bit of Lombardy but the food – a heady concoction of tallegio, rabbit and mounds of polenta served with the lovely local valcalepio wine (much cheaper than its piedmontese counterpart) – is just fabulous. Maybe that’s why Italy is so popular – food and wine tastes better when you’re eating it locally…. (the warm weather and views probably help too!)

  8. Love Italian food in general but the best food i’ve eaten was Sardinia, I’m always trying to recreate a dish I had there but it’s never the same!

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