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Luxury in Tuscany

A trip to Tuscany in Italy is already a luxury experience per se. The splendid hotels and exquisite Tuscan villas add that special Old World style that is sought for all over the globe. Your holiday will inevitably be marked by the refined furnishing and architectural design, the attention to detail, and the classy homelike feel that these accommodations convey. Some go beyond the concept of a single property. You can find hamlets with splendid Tuscan apartments and villas entirely dedicated to holiday stays. Il Borro, owned by world-renown fashion stylist Salvatore Ferragamo, is one of these. The ancient group of villas is located in San Giustino, between Arezzo and Florence, in one of the most enchanting pieces of Tuscany. Three stately private villas, three different styles. From the sober classic luxury of Villa Il Borro to the rustic luxe of Villa Cocci and Casetta. The twelve apartments and suites of the hamlet eco the style of the villas with all comforts. The daughter Ilaria Ferragamo is the designer in charge of their look. Three more splendid farmhouses conclude the properties of Il Borro by Ferragamo. These are the true essence of Tuscan country lifestyle. The hamlet has its own private spa center “La Corte”, The Court. Fitness, relaxation, and lulling of the senses are the centerpiece of the spa. It is a self enclosed experience. The horse riding center provides top services. A practice golf course is on site, but the nearby Conte Ugolino and the Club Poggio dei Medici are advised for a full 18-hole experience. Not a long drive away is the fantastic Hotel Continental in Siena. Talking about Old World style, this five-star hotel has all the flare you may wish and some more. The new management completely restored it to its old glory days after decades of closure and abandonment despite its central location in the historic center and along the promenade of the city. I have personally stayed here. All ceilings are frescoed and our experience in the penthouse apartment was splendid. No noises, wonderful antique furniture and the most comfortable sleep. We spent the greatest part of our first day just exploring the splendid halls of the hotel. The street the Continental is on leads to Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, undoubtedly the peaks of Siena. Although there are plenty of places to eat in the area, we did not bother leaving the hotel’s restaurant for its delicious reinterpretations of classic Tuscan cuisine. Other solutions combine their high-end stays with ancient local traditions. The typical luxury of Tuscany is best found in rustic villas and apartments, a unique mix of country architecture and classy accents to create the ultimate comfort. Add a true thermal spa to your stay and the relaxation becomes sublime. Terme Villa Borri offers luxurious Tuscany apartments and its thermal spa center in Casciana Terme near Pisa. Casciana is a historic thermal center. The curative and beautifying properties of these waters are famous since Roman times. Queen Matilde of Canossa used to benefit from them, just like the king of Italy who had one of his royal palaces here, today a thermal spa center. Matt Kachinski lives and travels in Italy and runs Thrify Tuscany. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. i did a whistle stop tour round italy last year with some australian friends, unfortunately the one place i missed was florence and tuscany purely down to time factors. next time……

  2. aah, I have been to Castiglion del Bosco, part of Ferragamo’s son’s estate. Absolutely stunning–their winery is one of the top 5 producers of Brunello di Montalcino. So, delicious as well ; )

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