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Luxury yacht and boat-based heliskiing

The ones who love the extreme adventure already know about helicopter skiing. However, for those who cannot get much of the slopes and would like to have all of the snow, sun and sea, a luxury yacht based heli-skiing trip comes as the best solution. Boat based heliski is your one and only kind of adventure that brings you to many different places aboard a yacht exploring the coast mountains and have your ultimate drop in many of the open glades and the high alpine glaciers. Thanks to the helicopter on board the yacht, transporting heliskiers to their favorite skiing spots has never been made easier. If you already have more than enough of the skiing, you can always head back to your yacht. Trained guides are there to assist you in all your needs. Helicopter skiing enthusiasts are slowly discovering the thrill of boat based heliski. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting a glimpse and taste of nature at its best? You experience the best of both worlds. You will never get bored because you can ski whenever you want to and you can have the ocean breeze anytime at your convenience. As such, you can enjoy heliskiing, deep-sea fishing, sea kayaking and even bathing in the natural hot springs all at the same time. Come to think of it, an entire day’s activity on board a luxury yacht is equivalent to a week’s adventure when staying in a resort. Nomads of the Sea, for example, offers a unique opportunity for elite skiers in Patagonia. One of a kind experience! You are being lifted off in a Bell 407 helicopter from aboard the Atmosphere and flown to exclusive locations in the Andes and Coastal Mountain Ranges of the Patagonia. Want to be one of the first who are lucky enough to heliski and explore the splendors of inaccessible remote areas with all the comforts available on a large modern mega yacht in North America? Elemental Adventure offers you the possibility to experience the ultimate luxury heli skiing adventure. A luxury yacht based heli-ski trip is the ultimate experience for elite skiers. On board of these luxury yachts, guests feel at home in comfortable accommodations with 5 star amenities and services. Gourmet meals, state of the art facilities and a privileged view of the surrounding landscape, what more can you ask for? You can even have a relaxing massage after a tiring day of heli-skiing in the mountains. Not only that, the yacht can even accommodate your other sport equipments such as jet skis or speedboats. Boat based heliski is the ultimate luxury heliskiing experience. The experience brings out the adventurous side in every person. It is truly an experience of a lifetime that you should not miss. Ollivier Jacq is Founder of Paradizo. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.


Ollivier applies his passion for travel to his role as CEO of Paradizo. Paradizo is the leading online resource for luxury vacations. Paradizo brings together the world’s finest luxury travel collection of luxury villa rentals, yacht charters, private jets, private islands and luxury tours such as heliskiing or yacht vacations.

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