Top 10 sultry island escapes

Tripadvisor have emailed me with their “top 10 sultry island escapes”. What do you think of their selection? Any notable omissions?

1. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Anguilla
4. Phuket, Thailand
5. Santorini, Greece
6. St. Lucia
7. Ischia, Italy
8. Formentera, Spain
9. Fiji
10. Seychelles

Comments (15)

  1. Aurora says:

    Some beautiful places listed here, for me Fiji stands out as a place I would very much like to visit one day. I am sure there are some beautiful locations well worth a visit, missing from the list.

  2. irene says:

    surpised to see ischia there thought its glitzier sister capri might be on there. kind of surprised to bali so high up must admit its not my favourite. would have like to see langkawi on the list.

  3. Kay McMahon says:

    Gozo (Malta) is a pretty good place to go. I wouldn’t call it ‘sultry’ but it’s very nice all the same. And it’s a little island paradise that a lot of people don’t know about…

  4. Andi says:

    I want to be on an island right now!!!

  5. Ella says:

    I’m suprised to see the Maldives left off the list. Also, you can’t go wrong with Sardinia!

  6. Emily M says:

    I would recommend St Lucia any time. It’s beautiful, great food and has lovely people. The scenery there is stunning, we staying right next to the Pitons it was spectacular! You can easily spend your time on the beach or in the sea but there is also a lot to see and do there. Should be top of that list!!

    I vote add Sardinia too, if you can’t afford to head so far afield it is a fab Island. The beaches are beautiful and all different and the sea is so clear and warm. Very relaxing! The italian wine and food tops it all off, amazing!

  7. Kay McMahon says:

    Have you been to Langkawi, Irene? I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Malaysia, but I’ve not yet been to Langkawi. Maybe soon!

    As for Bali – and Lombok – I wasn’t particularly keen on them. I guess they sound like exotic places to go but there’s not much to do there other than lounge about. I like cities! I was in Singapore recently, another island of course, and I loved it.

  8. irene says:

    I love langkawi thought it was really nice and had combined it with a trip to KL a perfect combination. I didn’t really like Bali thought it was a bit too touristy and like you had expectations of something else. i love hong kong island, a complete buzz with so much to do.

  9. Katie Lahani says:

    Sicily always strikes me as Italy’s most sultry island. What with the smoking volcanoes, gutsy history and pretty baroque villages, not to mention the wonderful food – lots of intense flavours! Though perhaps my definition of ‘sultry’ is somewhat more on the flamboyant side of sexy than others?…

  10. Adi says:

    Where’s the Isle of Wight in this list? Pfft.

  11. Kylie Martin says:

    I eye boggle over photo’s of ‘sultry’ places in the world, the crystal clear water, white sands etc and I think I would get incredibly bored after a day or two. I need some action on my holiday.

  12. Emily M says:

    That’s why I recommend St Lucia Kylie it has such a great balance, you can laze by the beach all day or you can explore… climb the Pitons, go diving/snorkling, go out by boat, visit the drive in volcano, banana plantations, bat cave! Visit the market it has it all!

  13. Im surprised the seychelles is so far down on the list, it’s paradise!

  14. Same here I think seychelles should be further up on the list!

  15. mykonos says:

    I would strongly recommend Mykonos island as well as Santorini.. I have been in both and had a great time..

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