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Twin centre holidays – twice the holiday, twice the luxury

A twin centre holiday may not be a term you are immediately familiar with but this type of travel experience is becoming more and more popular. A twin centre holiday describes a vacation which comprises of two or more constituent components, so for example a city break and a rural retreat or an adventurous safari coupled with a beach escape. This kind of holiday is becoming increasingly attractive to families and couples alike because of the flexibility and variety it offers. With a twin centre deal you can enjoy a more panoramic encounter with your chosen destination(s). Consider, for example, a country like South Africa; a beautiful and vibrant landscape which features beaches, forests, savannahs, urban metropolises and charming remote communities. No one might expect to be able to embrace all that this nation has to offer in one single trip, but similarly I imagine that most people would appreciate a more extensive interaction than a single city or resort. What twin centre therefore promises is a more memorable, more comprehensive and more unique travel experience. What a twin centre holiday also accommodates is the varying and conflicting interests and desires of individual travellers. Even, or perhaps, particularly newlywed couples may disagree as to what they expect from a dream honeymoon, a remote island, a big city, hustle and bustle or intimate seclusion. Families too have different agendas and ideas, particularly in a child vs. parent scenario; mum may want to spend her time putting her feet up, whilst the kids crave excitement and adventure. A twin centre holiday solves this problem by allowing a single holiday itinerary to contain all things for all people. Why compromise when instead you can simply enjoy the best of both worlds and keep everyone happy? As far as twin centre vacations go, Africa is an ideal destination and compliments perfectly this arrangement. With the Seychelles, Mauritius or Zanzibar all within a short flight of the most spectacular safaris in the world, as well as wonders like Lake Victoria, the Great Rift Valley, Victoria Falls or Mt Kilimanjaro, the potential that a twin centre holiday offers is virtually limitless. Imagine cruising the plains of Kenya’s iconic Masai Mara taking in the majesty and roar power of one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena, the Great Wildebeest Migration and then jetting off for rejuvenation and reminiscence in an exclusive private island resort in the Seychelles. The beauty of the twin centre format is its malleability, a holiday that works for you rather than you for it; you can tailor every aspect to ensure that all of your criteria are addressed. If you would rather spend more of your time in one place than another then that’s fine, if you think that you’d prefer longer on the beach than in the bush then a twin centre holiday can accommodate your needs. After experiencing a twin centre holiday, a typical single stay alternative may never quite measure up again. Greg Fox is a Director at luxury travel specialists Mahlatini. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. How about Barcelona? there you can combine a beach holiday with a city break. Or, the are even areas of spain where you could effectively have a triple center holiday, with skiing, beaches & cities all within a few miles of each other…

  2. A safari is a great way to relax in a beautiful area while experiencing beautiful views and wildlife. It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will never forget.

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