Lindt World of Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany is a gorgeous and ancient city, snuggled right next to the Rhine River so, like most of the German river towns and cities, it is extremely accessible by river cruise ships. You can tour the lovely cathedral, stroll the cobblestone streets, have a coffee at one of the cafes or shop for beautiful handmade linens in the shops.

But make sure you save time to visit the wonderful Lindt World of Chocolate Museum because it is well worth a visit. You can’t miss the huge and modern museum, which looks much like a ship, located right on the river front, just a short walk from the Cologne Cathedral. Pay your admission and begin your journey through the three exhibition levels which take you on a tour through 3,000 years of the history of chocolate, all the way from Aztec chocolate makers to the modern Lindt chocolate candies. The smell of chocolate permeates the building – it’s probably the best-smelling museum in the world!

There is a small but complete demonstration area of a chocolate production facility, where you can watch through glass viewing windows at the elaborate individual production steps. You can watch them make chocolate bars, hollow figures and pralines – and then (the best part) – you get free samples from a vat of fresh melted chocolate!

You can learn about the cultural history of chocolate and advertising as you continue your self-guided tour. Dr. Hans Imhoff opened the Chocolate Museum in 1993 and began working with the Lindt & Sprungli company in March 2006. It’s the only chocolate museum in the world where you can learn everything about chocolate. Since its opening, over 7 million guests from all over the world had toured the museum. It is one of the ten most visited museums in Germany.
Make time for the lovely little café where you can sit on the Rhinebank Terrace, overlooking the Rhine River, have some delicious chocolate cake or hot chocolate and watch the ships and barges pass by or just relax in one of the comfortable chairs. There is also a traditional Beer Garden where you can get the local Kolsch beer along with some bratwurst and French fries.

But be sure not to leave without visiting the huge gift shop on the first floor. I have never seen so many different kinds of candies in my life and they all looked (and tasted) absolutely delicious. It’s the perfect place to buy beautifully packaged candies to take home for gifts. If you can get them home without eating them, that is!

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  1. I knew there was a chocolate museum in Cologne, Germany, but didn’t realize it was run by Lindt. Thank you for this information. I plan to visit it in 2012. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Mon Sun Chan says:

    Thank you for posting this information. I didn’t even think that companies like Lindt would have museums. Will definitely share this on my FB page. Thank you!

  3. Inez says:

    This is definitely good to know – love Lindt chocolate!

  4. Shaan says:

    i went there, it was amazing. when I went i got free samples of the nuts they use and the chocolate it was so delicious. At the end i got to go to the shop and buy chocolate for my parental and aunt all for a good price. i would highly recommend it. i know its a museum and museums can be quite boring and to be frank i thought it was going to be but the content of it blew me away. check it out. definitely!

  5. Magchel says:

    Pity that the chocolate museum in Cologne is
    closed on a Mondays as I will be in Cologne on 2 May

  6. Mary Toumieh says:

    Hello . Please we are coming to Cologne on 10 March and will be leaving on 13 March . We would like to visit the chocolate Musuem . Can you inform us if possible to make the visit on Sunday 12 March . if no when we can do the visit ??
    Thanks in advance for your help .
    Best Regards

  7. Paul Johnson says:

    You would be best double-checking with them directly, Mary, but according to their opening hours page at they are open from 11.000 to 19.00 on Sundays.

    Hope this helps,


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