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5 fabulous experiences in Mexico

The 6,000 plus travel advisors surveyed for Virtuoso’s annual Lux Report have selected Mexico as the number five international travel destination for 2011 – and for good reason. Mexico has long delivered incredible value and rich luxury opportunities to travelers worldwide. Here are five lavish experiences in Mexico sure to surpass the expectations of even the most experienced and discerning of travelers. 1. Vacation in a Private Villa Exclusive, private villas offer a level of secluded luxury simply unattainable by hotels and resorts. Whether it’s the quiet Colonial countryside, the lofty cliffs overlooking the Pacific coast, or the lush plantations of the Yucatan Peninsula, the vast geography of Mexico is home to unique and distinct villas and haciendas that redefine the notion of “getting away”. 2. Tour by Private Plane/Helicopter Mexico is an enormous country covering 2 million square kilometers of land area, and has been home to hundreds of fascinating and historically significant cultures. Traveling to the different regions of the country to meet the people of these areas and experience their cultures can be a logistical nightmare. Chartering private planes and helicopters allows travelers to cover large distances during a holiday as well as opens up more remote, off-the-beaten-path types of opportunities. 3. Picnic at a Private Cenote Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most unique regions of the world as it contains thousands of centotes, which are natural pools of water (once underground) that are created when the land-roof above them collapses. The water in theses cenotes has been naturally filtered as it travels underground, which results in extremely vivid pools of blue and green – the perfect setting for a private picnic lunch. Dining along the banks of a cenote is incredibly tranquil and diving into its refreshing water is the perfect way to cool off after touring in the warm jungles of the Yucatan. 4. Take Private Cooking Classes Among the first two cuisines ever awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status, the culinary traditions and achievements of Mexico are undeniably legendary. There’s no better way to truly appreciate the complexities of fine cuisine than to observe the creation of a dish from the local markets to the plate. Taking cooking classes while on holiday in Mexico is an extremely rewarding experience for food and wine lovers alike. Touring local markets to shop for ingredients, studying the traditions and practices of local master chefs in the kitchen, learning about which wines to pair with select dishes, and actually trying your hand at re-creating traditional recipes are all in a days work! 5. Charter a Private Yacht Fish, sunbathe, stop to swim and snorkel, enjoy savory meals cooked by private chefs, jet ski – the luxurious opportunities are endless when chartering a private yacht and touring one of Mexico’s many pristine coastlines. For those experienced at sea, book and overnight charter and revel in the moonlight of the open seas! Chase Buckner is the Webmaster at Journey Mexico. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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