Memories of luxury family holidays

Even the most luxurious holidays with young children are never easy.  Certainly during all the packing up and co-ordinating of Calpol, arm bands, favourite teddies and books, and spare everything, (not to mention crucial items like passports and suncream) – I often felt exhausted before we had left the house.  I don’t know what fairytale land I was in, but my dreams of relaxing under blue skies never really materialized. Children never actually want to stop and do nothing.  This only happens when they sleep.  So holidays were more stressful , actually, than being at home, because in an unfamiliar environment there are more hazards for little ones, because they want to explore it ,or jump off it, or climb up it. I remember one holiday vividly, when all my 9-year-old daughter wanted to do was play football with the “big boys” (high anxiety levels of parents re squashed daughter). And my 3 -year- old was in that  phase where if she found anything unusual or interesting, she had to pop it in her mouth , and then retreat to an unseen corner.  (Further anxiety for already stressed parents). At least our 12- year -old could be more independent, and appreciative, you might think.  But unfortunately that year he was was very anti-going-to-the-beach (he didn’t like “that” type of sand…) so that made life very awkward, as we were under the mistaken illusion (and confidently so, being parents of 3) that they would all love the beach. Things might have got easier, but the arrival of number 4 made holidays yet more challenging. With a baby in the equation, as well as all the gear -buggy, bottles, baby this and baby that, we never really had proper space, and definitely no peace and quiet. I do have vague memories of a backdrop of mountains and forests, and of crystal blue sea and ice cream to die for, but as for relaxation, that was definitely just a dream. Linda Drake is Director of Communications at My Travelling Nanny. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Aww that is cute. I love to hear all the family stories from our clients. Mostly everyone who rents a Ritz Carlton luxury vacation rental from us, is planning a family vacation. It really makes me wish, I stayed around longer to enjoy trips with my family. :-)

  2. The key to any successful luxury family holiday is one word. Planning.

    Being part of a family that spans across Australia to UK means that regular long-haul trips are the norm.

    Creating a fabulous “Box of Tricks” is critical to keeping the little ones happy, entertained or relaxed (and sometimes, just peaceful!).

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