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Could the Maldives be your personal paradise?

It doesn’t take much research to get an overwhelmingly positive sense of the Maldives. In fact, typical reviews from holiday-goers are so loaded with superlatives, you can be left wondering if every word written on the internet was commissioned by the state tourism department. But they weren’t – it’s just that most people who visit return with the honest opinion that it really is the tropical paradise they had always imagined, the stuff of dreams. ‘Tropical paradise’ has to be one of the most over-used phrases in the travel industry, but remains a powerful idea we can all relate to. We all imagine our dream locations in different ways, but I’m of the opinion that most people can satisfy their personal ‘tropical paradise’ fantasy in the Maldives. For some it’s the ultimate solitude, peace and quiet, and welcome distance from the stresses of life. It may be a tired old cliché that will never wane – like Robinson Crusoe, we hope to one day be shipwrecked, and left in paradise forever – preferably with an infinite cache of food and wine, and the occasional select visitor. Other people conjure up a paradise where they lounge on dream-like beaches by day, dazzled by glittering gentle waves and sparkling sand, waited on hand and foot. Then as the sun sets over a perfect still ocean, the only sound for miles will be the gentle tinkle of glasses, flickering candles and soft voices, and the knowledge that their private retreat is in easy reach. In another person’s tropical paradise, the dreamlike island locations festooned with verdant palm trees, balmy, warm water and spectacular reefs teeming with life are the perfect setting for adventure. For them it’s all about days well-spent in paradise, enriching life with unforgettable diving experiences. The thrill of swimming in the ocean with magnificent creatures such as giant Manta rays and dolphins, or discovering mysterious submerged wrecks beneath the waves. All these visions of paradise exist in abundance in the Maldives, and with the tourist industry making up most of the country’s economy; it is plain that the people of the islands understand our appreciation of their home. Often best enjoyed with the relaxed freedom of an all inclusive Maldives holiday, the luxurious, impossibly beautiful resorts of the Maldives are typically of an incredibly high standard. There are definitely options available to suit all tastes – making it a simple task to select the island, resort and accommodation which matches your ultimate tropical island fantasy. Peter Richards is a Digital Marketing Manager at Tropical Sky. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Superb write up – indeed it does sound like paradise!

    I’ve never been to the Maldives but those few hundred words have made my tourist taste buds tingle.

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