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Top 5 luxury clubs in Istanbul

There are many entertaining activities to participate in Istanbul during the day, and you can follow the Istanbul event calendar to find something new every day of the week. However, Istanbul is also a city that never sleeps. Make the most of your luxurious vacation by taking advantageous of everything the city has to offer at all hours of the day and night.  Nightlife is at its best in Bosphorous, the place to see and be seen. Enjoy Istanbul’s nightlife in luxury with our list of the 5 best clubs in the city. 1. Sortie doesn’t start the party until late at night. However, once it starts, the sizzling crowd will be dancing until dawn. If you want to take a break from shaking your booty, the club also offers a unique view of the Bosphorus. 2. Samdan has been part of Istanbul nightlife since opening its doors almost 30 years ago. It is also one of the most glamorous places in the cities. Make sure to come with a disco spirit and your best clothes. 3. Lucca may be a restaurant by day, but at night it is a lively lounge. Its popularity is evident by the sexy and in-crowd crowd spilling out into the street. It can be hard to get through all the Versace clothed people or porches blocking the road. 4. Reina is located under the Boğaziçi Bridge and offers one of the best Bosphorus views. It is also a celebrity hot spot where the glitterati can spend all night dancing on the clubs flashy bar and dance floor. 5. Anjelique is the place to find Istanbul’s elite themselves in one of the best waterfront clubs in Istanbul. The club is attached to a pier, and you will often find celebrities entering with their yachts. Try out these 5 spots to see and be seen and we guarantee you won’t regret it! That is unless your luxurious night out makes you do something you regret the morning after. Talya Arditi is Editor at The Guide Istanbul. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I came upon your blog from telegraph.co.uk searching for the most popular travel blogs in Google. I’ve come to the right place. Anyway, I wish I can go to Istanbul someday. I love going to cities that never sleep. Thanks for sharing this post and and for creating a beautiful travel blog.

  2. I have been keeping a home in Istanbul for a couple of years now….always have out of town guests looking for the hot spots to go to…thank you so much for the post!

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I am happy you enjoyed my guest post… and hope you make it to Istanbul one day :)

  4. I am istanbul guy and this article is totally wrong. hi-profiled people dont visit the clubs listed. those clubs are visited by just rich but impolite and black bearded bad looking people. i reccomend you high end jazz or latin clubs.

  5. I am from Turkey and recently moved to Canada. I enjoy being here and at the same time miss my city Istanbul. I read about your recommendations and the clubs you recommend are good choices I think. I would also say Sortie, 360, Cahide, Ulus 29, Al Jamal, Zelda Zonk and Nu Teras, these are restaurants, that turn into night club after, most of them with fantastic view.

  6. I’ve traveled to Istanbul 2 times and stayed nearly 20 days. Istanbul is a beautiful city, especially at night.
    I recommend Sess34, Chilai Bebek, Levendiz Greek Pub, Peyote and Cukka for a great Istanbul night.

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