Luxury concierge services at the touch of a button

Vertu, a manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, has announced further details of its enhanced concierge service. Designed to be the perfect companion for the luxury traveller, they now have three levels of concierge at the touch of a button.

Firstly their Concierge Classic service provides the customer with round the clock access to a team of lifestyle managers. Vertu Concierge Dedicated provides the user with a dedicated lifestyle manager and nominated support team, and finally the newest addition Vertu Concierge Ultimate. This service is tailored to each customer and may range from assistance with a one off project to provision of a full time personal assistant for a designated period of time.

As well as the updated services Vertu has also increased the number of their City Briefs. Not unlike a typical guide book, the city briefs are detailed reviews of the latest restaurants, bars, museums and much more in almost all major cities. Where this service differs is the speed at which they are updated many guide books feature the most ‘hip’ restaurant of the time but by the time of printing usually the scene has passed on. Vertu with the help of their Brand Ambassadors ensures their customers are the first to hear of any new happenings. Most recently singer/songwriter Seal has added his views to London, New York, Paris, Aspen and many more.

Seal recommendations for fantastic food with a view include Montagna at the Little Nell offering breathtaking views of Aspen Mountain and Imago at the Hassler Hotel for panoramic views of Rome.

Comments (3)

  1. Fay Holmes says:

    Now that really is a touch of luxury at your fingertips!

  2. Kris Koeller says:

    I see these phones for sale in New York and wondered if, in the post-iPhone age, anyone still buys them. They’re certainly exclusive, but not terribly stylish or well featured compared to other high-end phones. Curious to see how this plays out over the new few years.

  3. VGS says:

    Great to see travel related customer service innovation from a niche phone manufacturer, one does not necessarily have to be the largest to be able to offer these kind of travel services who can bring great value to customers.

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