Dom Pérignon Champagne Dinner at The Ritz, London

I’ve just received my ‘invitation’ to a Champagne Dinner at The Ritz together with Dom Pérignon on 24th November 2011. In honour of this special occasion, the hotel’s Executive Chef John Williams has created a remarkable menu, paired with some of the finest offerings from Champagne Dom Pérignon. The dinner will be held in the magnificent 18th Century surroundings of William Kent House, commencing with a Champagne and canapé reception in The Marie Antoinette Suite and followed by dinner in The William Kent Room.

Mr Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave at Dom Pérignon since 1996, will be on hand to advise how best to appreciate the differing styles of the wines which, combined with the culinary expertise of the Chef’s menu, promises a unique and memorable dining experience.

Cornet of Smoked Salmon Moscovite
Goats Cheese Pin Wheel with Black Olive
Foie Gras bon bon
Brioche Pizza with Truffle
Dom Pérignon 2002

Sauté of Goose Liver and Smoked Eel
with Green Apple and Radish
and Seaweed Brioche
Dom Pérignon 2002

Confit of Turbot, Hazelnut Butter and Braised Oxtail
Dom Pérignon OE 1996

Bresse Chicken Champenoise
Dom Pérignon Rosé 2000

Pear William, Caramelised Wafer
with Prune and Armagnac Cream
Dom Pérignon 2000

So… “will I be accepting the ‘invitation’?”, I hear you ask.  Alas no… at £395 per person, it’s just a little out of my budget.  But I’m sharing it nevertheless with the rest of you.

Comments (4)

  1. Anne says:

    I personally feel it’s your journalistic duty to attend this dinner and report back, with photos:). It sounds fabulous!

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks for that update! It is great to know some other events that the Ritz will be holding!
    I went to high tea at The Ritz last year and had an amazing experience!
    I really enjoy your travel blog, your insights are extremely in-depth and very enjoyable to read! I hope I can once day travel as far as you!

  3. Paul Johnson says:

    Fair enough, Anne… are you paying? ;-)

  4. Anne says:

    I wish I could! Sounds lovely…truly.

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