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The 3 most luxurious cruise routes for the super rich

We’re all aware that cruising is one way to have a sensational vacation. But there is cruising… and then there is luxury cruising. If you didn’t think six-star quality existed you’d be wrong, because the luxury that can be found on some of the highest end cruise ships have it ready and waiting for anyone with the money. So whether you are looking for such a trip, or just a nice daydream – here are 3 top routes to consider… dream on! South America and the Panama Canal The Panama Canal is perhaps one of the world’s finest and most wonderful engineering feats and has to be seen to be believed; what better place to see it from than the luxury and comfort of a top cruise ship? South America cruises are often linked with trips to the Panama Canal, but South America in itself offers the opportunity to see a huge array of diverse and unusual landscapes. A 14 day cruise touring dense rain-forests and beautiful beaches can be yours for just $5,500 or so, making this a relatively affordable option if you are only slightly rich. From Auckland New Zealand to Australia There are plenty of reasons to visit both New Zealand and Australia, but to do it in luxury on a cruise ship has to be the crème de la crème of exploratory trips. For starters you have both the North and South Islands to see, and seeing them from the water gives you a whole new perspective. You’ll also cruise across to the best of Australia, taking in the Tasman Sea and the Bass Strait along the way. For added tropical-ness there are 2 or 3 week cruises available which start from Hawaii and take the whole journey to Oz via New Zealand. Such a trip might set you back $10k or so, but worth every penny. Charter a yacht to Alaska If you really want to push the boat out (so to speak) here is an option that really is only for the ultra wealthy: Why not forget about the cruise ship full of other people and instead just charter a private yatch? With a hefty price tag just shy of $300,000 for a week (depending where you shop) this is not a cheap option but you do get an entire ship to yourself, complete with its own crew; allowing you to enjoy the most luxurious trip you can imagine. Attractions include watching whales from the deck, fine food, Champagne and some simply breathtaking views which few other humans will ever experience. This is serious cash but hey, it’s only money. Summary There are plenty of luxurious cruises you can go on. From six star cruise liners the size of a small country to a smaller but perfectly luxurious private hire yacht, you have an amazing choice of luxurious cruises to choose from. And if you’re not quite in that earning bracket just yet, you can look forward to booking a place on a slightly cheaper cruise instead. Whatever you can afford you can always dream of those stunning six star cruises traversing the world right now. Sal Clinton is Director Of PortOfMiamiCruiseParking.com. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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