See the true essence of Shanghai with AtYourSide

Shanghai is the fastest-developing city in the fastest-developing nation, and boasts dramatic modern architecture and cutting-edge facilities. But within this rapidly changing city are hidden hints of its rich history with temples tucked down back-alleys and traditional street markets secreted amongst state-of-the-art shopping malls.

Whilst the city’s charm is evident for everyone to see, the juxtaposition of the modern and the traditional makes for a difficult landscape to navigate; and new company AtYourSide aims to make this task more manageable. The idea of the company is that one only really gets to see the true essence of a city through a native’s eyes. Each client is assigned a personal assistant, who acts as an interpreter as well as a tour guide, steering you across this fascinating city.

AtYourSide Shanghai has created a number of specialist tours to cater for a variety of different requirements: whether your interests lie in the history, culture or the retail aspects of the city there is a package which supplies a different perspective of Shanghai.

The day-long Shopping Experience, for example, starts at a ‘replica’ market where you’ll be able to find imitations of designer clothes and accessories; then the tour will travel to a tailor market where you’ll be able to commission your own design; next stop is The Shanghai French Concession, whose tree-lines avenues and Tudor mansions still retain a Parisian air from its life as a foreign concession between 1849 and 1946. The tour ends with a relaxing Chinese foot massage.

This is a perfect example of where AtYourSide excels; putting the historical, cultural, leisure and entertainment features of Shanghai life alongside one-another and, in doing so, uncovering the very essence of a what is quickly becoming one of the planet’s most diverse and interesting cities.

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  1. loperglenn says:

    Shanghai is such a great city to visit. Thanks for sharing this.

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