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Best Italian festival yet – don’t miss a single drip!

Italian ice cream or ‘gelato’ is found glistening in tempting abundance across mouth-watering shop fronts and stalls all over Italy; a holiday to Italy without indulging in a scoop or two would in fact be a crime, don’t you think? Acknowledged by many experts as the best ice cream in the world, traditional gelato is not to be missed and is indeed something to enjoy in countless flavours, multiple times! The only problem is trying to track down and taste the best gelato in Italy. Only a festival of ice cream would help solve this dilemma… Oh yes, there’s one of those too! In fact, the production and creative array of ice cream flavours is celebrated amongst Italians, during the Firenze Gelato Festival from 23rd to 27th May 2012, and draws 30,000 happy visitors. The festival turns the City of Florence into a Village of handmade ice-cream “Villaggio del Gelato Artigianale” and the best day out I can imagine – a trail of incredible colour and an invitation to taste copiousness amounts of homemade gelato. The ice cream festival disembarks upon Florence’s finest squares, paying tribute to the traditions and creativity of gelato, allowing visitors to discover the secrets of Italian ice cream while invariably sampling spectacular flavours by ice cream makers from all over Italy. An event perfect for the little ones, as well as adults, there are lots of games and activities to suit all the family, as well as workshops teaching the true art of gelato making. Serious foodies also rejoice, as the exhibition tells us the precious history of Italian ice cream, the evolution of techniques for making the icy treat, and the consumption of the flavourful ice cream from Bernardo Buontalenti’s 16th Century creation to this very day. Italy is already a popular gourmet destination to enjoy the more well-known staple Italian dishes of pasta and pizza – you may not have known that Italian ice cream is also fundamental to Mediterranean cuisine. This festival is not only an excuse to tantalise those taste buds and get sticky fingers, it also showcases the quality and Italian character of ice cream making. But possibly above all else, this event is not to be missed simply for the “happy effect” it produces. Perfectly positioned in picturesque Florence, as well as being the tastiest day I’ve ever known for family and friends to revel in, why not enjoy the fun to be had at Florence’s Ice Cream Festival this May. Claire Powell is Digital Marketing Manager at Abercrombie & Kent. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea that this existed! I absolutely love gelato, and knowing that there’s an entire festival in Italy dedicated to it provides quite the traveler and taster temptation. I think I just might have to take a trip to Italy sometime… Thanks for sharing!

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